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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Halloween Costumes You Can Pack - Part 1

I often travel in late September or early- to mid-October. It's cheaper this time of year, the weather is usually pretty mild (depending on where you travel) and the crowds are thin. You know how much I love to hit up Disney in the fall and take advantage of Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party. It gives me a chance to dress up and trick-or-treat like a kid again. Obviously, there are other places you can go and dress in costume, even if it's just visiting friends or relatives over October 31st. I love dressing up, but I'm not willing to pack too much extra stuff to do it, because baggage fees. Nope. If it doesn't fit in my carry-on, it doesn't come with me. 

Halloween Costumes You Can Pack

If you want to pack a costume, but need a little help in finding something that is fun, but also doesn't take up your whole bag, I've come up with a list for you depending on your destination's weather, because there's nothing worse than trying to wear a costume that is too warm for where you are or, possibly even worse, doesn't have enough coverage for the cold weather and you have to cover it up with a coat.

Warm Weather 

If you've been to Florida ever, you know it hardly ever gets cool, even at nighttime. Early October, the weather can still be in the 90s. Ouch. We've also been to Southern California and had to change up a costume choice due to a heat wave in late September. You may not always be able to predict unusual temp changes, but make sure you monitor the weather before you leave, so you're prepared.

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Be a Tourist
Come on, you already have all this in your closet and probably taking most of it on vacation with you. Add a fanny pack (cheap on Amazon) and a map and you're good to go. 

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Go On Safari
Here's another one you probably have in your closet. Wear tan, khaki or brown pieces (a dress or shorts and top), throw on a matching hat if you have one and carry your camera. This is one where a pair of cheap binoculars can really make the outfit. We've done this as a couples' costume before and it was easy and fun.

Be a Hiker
You're already packing all this stuff in your carry-on, so add a lightweight backpack that you can pad out later and you're ready to look like you're on an adventure. If nothing else, it's a great place to keep your water and snacks. 
Impersonate the Toothfairy
Got a little white dress or some separates? This can work for a guy or a girl. Toss some white net wings in your bag and fashion yourself a wand with a big tooth on it (cut out from cardstock) and kids might be showing you their loose teeth wherever you go. Wait, is that a downside? This also works for being a fairy or an angel; however, those seem a bit overdone.

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Take to the Ballet
It's easy to (pretend to) be a ballerina. A tank top or a leotard with a short wraparound skirt or simple tutu (not one of those big poofy ones), coupled with pulling your hair into a bun and a pair of matching flats and you'll be attempting to do some arabesques. 

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Be a Boxer
This one will take a bit of prep. A plain tank top with some longer shorts and a matching short robe are easy enough to pack, and those shorts can double as pajama bottoms. Ditch the gloves, since they will take up too much space, and possibly opt for a fake black eye instead. 

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Be a Lifeguard
Grab some red shorts, throw on a lifeguard shirt and a whistle and you've got a costume that you almost never see. It'll keep you cool and adding a hat and/or sunglasses to it will only make it more authentic.

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Get Your Animal On
While this is a standard costume for a lot of people, you can do some creative makeup and be a less done animal: a raccoon, a fox, a deer, a goat. All you need is to wear a monochrome outfit and add the appropriate ears/antlers and tail.

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The Flintstones (or The Rubbles)
Nothing's better for beating the heat than not having to wear pants. The Flintstones are still easily recognizable and their outfits are all really breathable, even if you throw on some bike shorts underneath for sneaky wind gusts or being more comfy at the theme park. You can totally wear a wig, spray your hair or just go with your own normal hair. I'm also partial to this Pebbles costume that comes with shorts. This is another couples' costume we've done in the past and gotten a lot of compliments.

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Root For Your Favorite Team
I did this as a last-minute costume change where the weather turned out to be at least 20 degrees warmer than expected in Anaheim. I ditched my packed costume and bought an Angels t-shirt, hat and sweat bands for my wrists. It was a big hit with the Disney cast members and was incredibly easy. Probably you already have a bunch of stuff from your favorite sports team. Take it and wear it all at once to be a rabid fan. If you don't have a team or aren't really into sports (I get it. I didn't actually know who Pujols was on the Angels when I bought that shirt), get this funny shirt instead and add some sweat bands and painted face.

There are a lot of creative costume ideas out there that can use what you already plan to bring on vacation with you. Stay tuned for costumes suitable for mild and downright cold weather. You can also see some other ideas here.

What are your favorite ideas for packable costumes?

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