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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review: HappyLuxe Wayfarer Wrap

When I travel, I like to pack items that are multipurpose, because the more things I have that can do several things, the fewer things I need to pack. I’m often cold and have an impressive selection of cardigans and jackets and often have a blanket on the couch that I share with the dog. Even when you go to warm climates, there are times you go inside with air conditioning and it’s chilly. Your tank top and shorts are not sufficient. Usually, I either stash a lightweight cardigan or scarf in my purse. The same goes for the plane. It’s either really hot or really cold and no way to tell what you’re going to get.

travel blanket
photo credit: HappyLuxe

HappyLuxe has fixed all my chill problems with their Wayfarer Wrap. It can be worn multiple ways, it’s pretty, it’s super soft and you can even add a hand warmer to the pouch to give it even more warmth. Perfect for the weather in Portland right now, where we went from cold to blizzard in a day.

The Wayfarer looks and feels lightweight, but it’s quite substantial, with lots of coverage. It’s nice enough to wear with a dress, but can also look casual if you want to wear it with less formal clothes. I look forward to taking it with me to Southern California where it will be warm during the day and then cool at night.

Wear it like a shawl

When we were in New Orleans and it was 90 degrees outside, it was often much, much cooler inside, making a wrap a necessity. The same goes for our trips to Las Vegas, even in the middle of summer, and theme park trips where there are shows inside. They crank the air up to combat the crowds of people and make it more comfortable than the temps outside, but the difference can make it feel like winter. The Wayfarer worn as a shawl will definitely keep my arms and shoulders warm – and probably make some people jealous that they don’t have their own.

Instead of a coat, which doesn’t always look great with a dress, this lovely wrap completes an outfit much more beautifully. Nobody wants to go to dinner and have to put their outside jacket on if they’re cold. Same with the theater. The Wayfarer is a better fit and allows you to actually eat without getting your coat sleeve in your food.

Sometimes, you just need to cover your shoulders…or your head. Many religious sites will ask for these things. No problem! Your wrap can take care of both of these things, at the same time if needed.

Wear it like a scarf

Is it cold outside? We travel in the fall a lot, so it can be crisp outside in certain destinations. That coolness can creep in under the collar of your coat, so you’ll need a layer around your neck. No matter the collar style of your coat, your Wayfarer Wrap can fill in the gap.

Is it really cold? Pop a hand warmer into the hidden pocket of the wrap and it’ll be like walking around with a pretty heater around your neck. This would have been perfect on our last trip to Paris, where it was mostly 20 degrees out the whole time we were there and required several layers. Even Eric was cold and we needed to buy a second hat and scarf for him, so being outside wasn’t the worst experience.

The Wayfarer is totally going to get me through this harsh winter they’re predicting for Portland, so I can run around outside without wishing I were anywhere else. I’m not into the cold this year, but at least I’ll be warmer and prettier now.

Use it as a blanket

I have to admit, even on vacation, I wish I had a blanket with me. The plane is cold and I’m trying to sleep. The hotel room is cold, but too warm to sleep comfortably without the air on. The car is cold, because everyone else is hot. This way, I have a blanket with me wherever I go. A lightweight, but suitably warm blanket that folds up small when I’m not using it or need to toss it in my carry-on bag.

Many times we go to the movies and I end up putting my coat on my lap, because my legs are chilly. Sadly, I have a bit of arthritis in my joints, so being cold can make it feel worse. Being able to cover up is important for my comfort. Bringing a scarf along, even in the warmer months, seems a lot more common now than if I were toting around a jacket.

Other reasons the Wayfarer Wrap is awesome

As if the Wayfarer doesn’t sounds amazing enough, it’s totally got more going for it!
  • The colors it comes in are pretty, classic, and complimentary. There’s even a fun print!
  • It’s larger than most scarves, but if you love a blanket scarf, you’ll love this. This means it gives you a lot of coverage and is the size of a smallish lap blanket. You could totally use this as a regular size blanket for napping on the plane or the back of the car or the couch of your Airbnb.
  • The fabric is crazy soft that feels like cashmere, but is actually sustainable and made from beech trees. It’s breathable and machine washable. It’s also made in the U.S.
  • Did I mention it’s amazingly affordable? Plus they offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee – that I doubt you’ll need – because the Wayfarer Wrap is remarkable. 
  • It makes a great gift for yourself and all the ladies on your list, whether they travel or not.
More details:
Where can I buy it? On the HappyLuxe website
How much is it? $39, but now through Christmas, you can get it for just $22.49 + free shipping + that money-back guarantee. 
What colors does it come in? jet black | cool grey (shown at top) | midnight blue | sea foam | aloha floral | pink crush (shown)
Other specs: 72" x 35", MicroModal fabric

What's your favorite multi-purpose travel item?

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Wayfarer Wrap by HappyLuxe for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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