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Friday, May 26, 2017

Review: Pakems Packable Boots

I travel a lot in the fall, when it can be cooler than expected. I have often flown with boots, some better than others, but they tend to take up a ton of space in my carry-on. I could check a bag, but then there’s the worry that my bag won’t even make it to my destination, plus I don’t really want to drag a big bag around with me. My rule is: If I can’t pick it up, then it’s too heavy to come with me on vacation.

packable snow boot

Pakems has created a true packable boot that’ll take you from city sightseeing to winter fun. Maybe you plan to play in the snow, or you just need a good warm boot so your toes don’t freeze and fall off while you’re strolling the city. Pakems come in their own little duffle, so you don’t even have to pack them in your carry-on if you don’t want. You can throw the strap over your shoulder and wear them like a purse.

Pakems are fun to wear, are cozy in the cold weather, and the new style is waterproof, so you can even tromp around in the pouring rain without worrying about your feet getting all squishy and gross. As a Portlander, this is pretty important to me, as it rains a lot during the year, including all through the winter, so I need a good waterproof boot to deal with life here.

Pakems were designed as an alternative to snow boots, because you could easily take up most of a suitcase with just one pair. They aren’t very travel-friendly. Pakems do the same job as you favorite snow boot, but can roll up to a fraction of the size, so you still have room for all the sweaters, pants and thick socks you need to take with you. They have tension straps that allow you to make them tighter or looser and they have a special strap that lets you keep them squished down to packable size, so they fit in your bag (or their own bag) better. They can be as small as 2 inches tall! Crazy, right?

Not only are they packable, but they won’t weigh down your luggage either. They are super lightweight at just 15 ounces. That means you won’t hate your carry-on more than usual, because it won’t be any heavier than with your normal shoes. In fact, it might actually weigh less.

The inside of the boot is lined with faux fur, that feels a bit like fleece, so it keeps your foot nice and warm, even without your favorite socks. The top can be tightened, so you can keep water and snow out of your boot. I love that, because there’s nothing worse than having a great pair of boots that still allow your feet to get cold and wet, because the top doesn’t conform to your leg. Pakems lets you control your fit all over, making it perfect for your foot. This is awesome, because they work skiing and other activities, but then you can loosen them up for walking around the city. Un-cinch the top and roll the tops down to make a more casual statement.

These shoes are made for everyone, and if you want to go play out in the snow and leave your purse behind, or keep your pockets empty, they have a handy dandy zipper pocket on each boot that’s just the right size for your hotel key card, a credit card, ID and even some cash. This allows you to go out unencumbered and still have all the important stuff with you. Play out in the snow and then go directly to the ski lodge for cocktails to warm up. Also, because they zip, you can’t accidentally lose important things while you’re out having fun.

Pakems are comfortable to wear and come in a several different styles/colors. You can even buy short Pakems if you like a lower profile boot, because not everyone is the same. My boot looks great with jeans and I loved wearing them around town. I look forward to taking them on my next cold weather vacation, because they look fun and I can hide some emergency money in my boot in case of pickpockets.

Keep your kids busy by purchasing them the Bodie boot. They are black and white and come with markers, so they can design their own boots. This can give them something fun to do while waiting in line, sitting at the airport, or traveling on the plane. Awesome, right?

These make a great gift as well! Remember that Father’s Day and Graduation is happening pretty soon here.

Other details
Where to buy them: On the Pakems website
How much are they? $65 for the Cortana’s I’m wearing
Colors they come in: black/purple (shown) | pink camo | brickell
Additional specs: lightweight rip stop fabric & rubber soles for traction, each shoe has an anti-bullying message (“be kind”) inside.

Who else needs a great packable boot to travel with?

If you want a pair of Pakems and love to see their new innovative designs, check them out online:

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Pakems for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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