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Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: The Kameleon Ultimate Travel Dress

Don't you wish you had a piece of clothing that could morph into other things? Like one top that was actually 10 or more? Think of how much room you'll save in your luggage! I'm all about traveling light and an item like that would go above and beyond in helping me save space in my bag and maybe even let me take a smaller one.
convertible travel dress

Well Kameleon Rose has come up with your new favorite thing. It's the Ultimate Travel Dress. It's a great strapless dress, but you can flip it around and make it a bunch of different shorter dresses. I knew this was a must for any lady's travel bag, because it can transform into anything you need at the time, except for trousers really. It's perfect for beach vacations, city vacations, cruise vacations. 

poncho | draped top | strapless dress

The fabric is flowy, it doesn't snag (which I would have been able to do by now if it did) and it's breathable. I picked up my Ultimate Travel Dress (UTD) on the last day of the Travel Good Show and then I was ready to wear it that evening when I went out with family and friends to celebrate a cousin's birthday. Even though the weather was mild, I didn't find the fabric too heavy (though it's substantial, so you can't see through it like a lot of lightweight garments) and it didn't make me sweat. You can see the way I styled it as a top in the middle pic above. That's how I wore it out, because we were being casual and that seemed cute and comfy.

harem pants | midi skirt | tank

So, how exactly does the UTD work? It's a pretty easy idea. It has a series of buttons that you can use in different ways in order to get it to configure into different styles. I wore a top that had a lot of coverage, but you can switch it up to make it less modest. Make it a tank, let it hang off the shoulder, give it a deep v, make your own cold-shoulder top, have a higher neck. Really, you're only limited by your imagination.

one shoulder top | low back tank | tank dress

You can do the same as a dress just by pulling the waistband down to make a skirt (like in the 3rd picture above). Flip it over and wear as a midi skirt, pull it down further and make it a maxi mermaid skirt. Pull it back up, close all the buttons and make it into really comfy and cool harem pants. There's nothing about this one-piece that doesn't work on practically everyone. It comes in a range of sizes (I'm wearing the medium, though I could probably have gotten away with a small). 

I feel like this is how all Vegas pictures should look after a night of drinking (sorry to my family for posting this)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me out and about wearing the Kameleon dress that were any good, so you can have this "arty" pic that my camera took while we were all laughing and being very uncooperative.

I was leaving bright and early the next morning, so I took the UTD off, shoved it in my bag with no regard for wrinkles and it stayed in my bag for well over 18 hours that way. When I took it out, it barely had any creases, and the ones it did, shook out pretty immediately. Bonus! It is made to roll up and even comes with its own compression loop, making it easy to pack wherever you are.

The fabric is quick-drying, so if you want to wear it multiple times and need to wash it, it'll be dry by the time you're ready to put it back on. You can also leave your purse at home if you don't feel like carrying one, because this dress has a hidden zipper security pocket that will hold essentials for you (a credit card, some cash, your lipstick). It's big enough to hold a passport and it's pretty inconspicuous. This is one piece of travel clothing you're going to want to keep in your carry-on, because it can be almost anything you want it to be.

Other Specs
Where to buy: On the Kameleon Rose website
How much: $80
Colors: Red | Black | Khaki (shown) | Blue |  Sizes: XS-XL
More Details: made in Madagascar from smooth jersey of 96% polyester/4% elastane

Love the Ultimate Travel Dress? Find out more ways to wear it by following them online: 

Disclosure: I was provided with the Kameleon dress for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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