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Saturday, June 10, 2017

5 Ways to Travel Healthy

Do you ever get sick when you travel? This used to happen to me every time I went anywhere. It's a total bummer, but I've finally gotten over that and learned to take care of myself before leaving, while flying and during my trip, so that I can make the most of my time and not be all gross and sickly when I'm away from home. 

If you worry about getting a bug or picking up all those foreign germs everywhere you go, here are some of my top tips to keep healthy so you can enjoy yourself.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the first rules of travel. If you are constantly on the go, you are going to get tired and your body won’t have the chance to recharge itself. Want to hate everyone and everything on your trip? Then sleep as little as possible and try pack as much as you can into the time you have. 

Drink more water

Instead of alcohol, carry around a bottle of water and drink as much as possible. A hydrated body is a happy body. At least drink as much as you would if you were at home, if not more. Travel has a way of sucking all the moisture from you, especially on long plane rides, so if you don’t like plain water, do what I do and load up on those ice tea packets from Lipton or Crystal Light.

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Antibacterial wipes, spray or gel

When you travel, I can guarantee you that germs are everywhere! From the escalator handrail to the airplane tray table. You can’t always get to a place to wash your hands, or you may want to wipe something down, so bringing any of these is a good idea. I opt for wipes, because you can use them on anything and they can just go in your carry-on instead of your 3-1-1 bag.

Don't forget to eat

Sometimes you’re having such a great time you just plain forget to eat. Not me. I’m hungry all the time on vacation. But if you’re not like me – like my husband – you will be so engrossed in what you are seeing/doing, you totally don’t eat until you are so hungry you could eat your own foot. Plan meals into your schedule and go even if you don’t feel like eating. A regular schedule is important and even if you don’t eat much, it’s better than skipping a meal altogether. 

It also helps if you don’t overeat, which I am likely to do on vacation. If I know I’m not starving, then I get Eric to split something with me, because we can always grab a nibble later if we get hungry again. 

And don't forget to try to squeeze in some healthy options. I try to get as many veggies in as possible, because surviving on a diet of fried foods and cheese aren't going to make you feel that great at the end of a vacation, or even by the middle. Veggies give you energy and help you from getting sick.

Plan for downtime

A combination of downtime and getting enough sleep will surely keep you on top of your game when traveling. You’ll feel better and you’ll have more energy. I know it’s exciting to do as much as possible. I pack my days full of fun things to do, but I also make sure we have time to relax. Traveling in the fall and winter forces you to slow down, because the hours for shops and attractions are shorter. 

If everything closes at 6pm, you really only have a choice of late-night bars or dinner and laundry before bed. I always opt for going back to my hotel/apartment and chilling for a bit, then changing clothes, going to eat and coming back to do email, read a book or play a game. You will notice how much more rested you feel and when you get up the next morning – NOT at the crack of dawn, because things don’t open until 9 or 10am – you’ll be more ready to start your day.

Comment below and let us know how do you keep healthy when you travel:

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