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Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Portland Coffee Tour - Part 5

Did you think that because it's 85 degrees everyday that I'd given up on hitting up the coffee joints? Well, you're wrong! In fact, I've been hitting more than ever and I was in Vegas for a week, where I also went to my favorite shop (Bad Owl Coffee) in Henderson twice. When you find a good one, you need to tell people! And when you find a bad one, you also need to tell people.

I hit up three coffee shops in one day to try a variety of different neighborhood gems. You're welcome!

Driftwood Coffee

I used to frequent the Multnomah Village neighborhood when I lived closer to that area. I noticed that a lot of it has changed and there are more coffee shops than ever, including this one that you may or may not notice when you drive by a hundred times. It looked cute, so I went in and ordered an iced Mexican Mocha and a Dave's Bread and Egg, which is basically a fried egg and a piece of toast. 

The inside looks a lot like a coffee shop you'd find at the coast, which is fun. They sell a lot of random stuff from local artists and use fresh ingredients. Unfortunately, that was the best part about it. As I was signing my receipt and waiting for my coffee, I turned around and saw a lady at a nearby table with her bare foot on the table. Blech! If I hadn't just paid, I would have left.

My drink was much too gritty and not worth fancy coffee shop prices at all. My egg and toast was fine, but nothing I'd go out of my way to get again, not that I will ever be back. This is one of those "Portland" coffee shops where people get excited about hemp milk (not that there's anything wrong with it) and think their kids running around annoying people is adorable. If you enjoy Portlandia, then maybe you'd like this place for the "charm", but I'd not go for the coffee...or the foot-free tables. I believe my coffee was $4 and my breakfast was $2.50. 

Village Coffee

Luckily, I had other joints on my list, including the adorable Village Coffee in the heart of Multnomah Village. Even though it's been there forever, I'd never been in. What a mistake! I ordered something called the MacBeth (a macadamia nut, caramel, and huckleberry) Latte ($5) and a bagel with cream cheese ($2), then I went and sat down in some old theater seats. Awesome. 

Nothing in this shop matches, and it works! There are probably 5 tables inside and 3 outside. I'm not sure how they fit all their coffee stuff into their minuscule kitchen area or how two people even have room to move back there, but they do. 

They served me a toasted bagel (locally-made) with a little squeeze packet of Philadelphia cream cheese, but the coffee more than made up for it. I was afraid that the special I got was going to be too many flavors, but it was a-ma-zing. Like my whole mouth was happy and I had no idea how I lived so long without having huckleberry in my coffee. It was so good. Well worth the price and the cozy seating. I'll definitely go back! When you're finished enjoying your cup, wander around the rest of the Village with their boutique shops and unique feel. 

Maplewood Coffee & Tea

I looked up other places that were nearby and found this shop with excellent ratings. I had to use my phone navigation to get me there, because it's literally in the middle of a housing area. The building used to be an old post office and it's the loveliest thing I've seen in a long time in Portland. The shop is huge and bright and airy, but because it's right in the middle of houses, there is only street parking.

I saw they had a Matcha Latte ($3.75), which is all the rage right now, so I ordered one of those and a blueberry muffin ($3.75). They are pretty proud of the fact that they don't add sweetener of any kind to their matcha. It's the first time I'd had it, so I thought without it, it tasted like drinking grass. I put sugar in it. It was pretty tasty then. You could tell the muffin was homemade and it was really flavorful. I don't know how the people around them don't go broke from walking across the street to eat and drink here everyday. 

If you haven't had matcha before, make sure you wipe your whole mouth before you leave, or else someone will point out to you that it looks like you were mowing the lawn with your face and you'll be self-conscious for the rest of your life. Other than that, I loved the feel of this shop, where you can also order full meals and everyone is super friendly. Plus, the windows are nice and big so you can watch people walking by with their kids and dogs. This is one I'm putting on my list for a future morning date with my husband.

Okay, now that you know where to go and where not to, here's to a great cup of coffee. Until next time, here's a fun article I read about cafes who decided to get rid of their WiFi. What? People didn't just run screaming to hide in their cars with their coffee, which is how I thought that would end.

Give me your favorite coffee shops either here in Portland (if you live here or have visited) or where you live for when I visit there!

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