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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Are Postcards Extinct?

I get travel inspiration from a ton of different places: social media, travel deal emails, the Travel Channel, friends, travel magazines, the World's Strongest Man competition (hello, Malta...someday). I have a travel list a mile long. I also like to buy postcards, even if I don't send them. We have a friend that sends a postcard to us every time he takes a trip, but it seems like most people don't bother sending postcards anymore. Do you?

I use social media when I travel, mostly for work, but I also take pics and post them to my Facebook and Instagram, and check in on Swarm (Foursquare). I don't particularly use Swarm for others. I like to have a record of where I've been and when I was there. It helps me remember things. How about you? Do you send postcards still or do you just use social media to flaunt where you are and where you've been?

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