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Saturday, September 2, 2017

My St. Thomas Wish List

I've got my plane tickets and my vacation rental booked and a car waiting for me. We are going to St. Thomas! I've really been hoping to get to the Virgin Islands for a while and we've decided to start with the U.S. Virgin Islands and see how we like it. We'll only be gone for a week, so we won't need a passport. Not quite enough time to go island hopping to the British Virgin Islands.

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Though this will mostly be a relax-and-chill vacation, we're definitely going to be wandering the island (and driving on the left side of the road!) and seeing all there is to see, as well as eating all the delicious food. I have a wish list that may be too long for our time there, but the island is very small, so maybe not.

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Plantation Crown & Hawk Botanical Garden

Guess who doesn't say no to a trip to the botanical garden? Did you guess me? Because it's me! I love looking at new plants and flowers that I might never see again. I don't know much about this place, except the admission cost, so we'll see if it's worth the trip.

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Magic Ice

Is it dumb that they built a place with ice sculptures when it's generally 90 degrees outside? I don't care, because it sounds awesome and a fantastic way to cool off for a little bit. I am excited to go from shorts  to wearing a parka, gloves and a hat. Alcohol might also be involved, but even if it's not, I'm really curious to explore this place.

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Skyride to Paradise Point

I'm not one to pass up a trip up a mountain in a gondola. I mean, views from the sky are always breathtaking, so I'm looking forward to taking the trip up, enjoying the view, watching the exotic birds, and then getting a meal before taking the Skyride back down again. Maybe we'll wait it out and watch the sunset from the top on the observation deck. I hear that's really something.

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Blackbeard's Castle

Castles are the worst. Said no one, ever. They have such rich history, plus their just really effing cool. Blackbeard's Castle is one of the historic sites on St. Thomas, in an area known as the Williamsburg of the Caribbean. It spans 5 acres and tells me all about the pirate legacy of St. Thomas. It also sits on a hilltop and gives you tremendous views of the harbor. I'll even get some extra exercise walking up the famous 99 Steps to the site.

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Coral World Ocean Park

I'm all about local wildlife...and seeing marine animals while I'm not in the water with them. I'll probably go snorkeling, but I guarantee it won't be as awesome for me as Coral World, because I'm a weenie who's terrified of being in the water with anything that isn't a clownfish, bat ray, or sea turtle. At Coral World, I can get up close and personal to things like sting rays and tropical birds, and I can watch other people swim with sharks, as well and enjoy things from the safety of their undersea observatory.

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Hassel Island Ruins

This island is a National Park of 135 acres and used to be a home for those with leprosy and other infectious diseases. The island's buildings fell into disrepair and now stand as ruins with a very vibrant and interesting history. I'm totally going to strap on my walking shoes and bring my camera to immortalize all these things in the middle of awesome flora. 

Have you been to St. Thomas? If so, where should I go and, more importantly, where should I eat?

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