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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Travel Gift List

If you're like me, probably 98% of your current emails have the words "Black Friday" in the title and you're just about done with life. I'm already over Christmas and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Make shopping easier on yourself and sleep in tomorrow with these fun travel items for everyone on your gift list.

I don't know about you, but I've got a lot of people to buy for and not a lot of cash, so I've been looking for items in all price ranges that will suit just about everybody who likes to travel. 

Budget (under $40)

Phone Loops
I'll be receiving some of these fairly soon and doing a proper review (and possibly a giveaway), but these loops make it easier for you to hang onto your mobile and less likely to drop it, because you can use it as a way to hold your phone in your hand or carry it around your wrist. It's a fun way to stop shoving it in your back pocket and still have it available when you need it (and not just floating around in your bag). You can buy them for everyone on your list at this low, low price of $4.99. Get free shipping for the next 3 days, 15% off for 3 or more and 20% off if you buy 12 or more. 

Comfy pants
Headed somewhere warm? One Tribe Apparel's Aladdin pants are the perfect addition to a carry-on bag, and take up very little space inside, which means you have room for other necessities. Trust me when I say that your gift recipient will adore these lightweight pants. Plus, they are so affordable at $27! You can view my review of them here.
Pokemon Go Plus
Got a gamer on your list? Make those vacation steps count. You hook your Plus up to your phone via bluetooth, then catch Pokemon on the go, hit up PokeStops, walk your buddy and hatch eggs. These go through periods where you can get them everywhere and then nowhere, so if you have someone who would enjoy this, better get it now. Eric and I both have one, so we can catch new Pokemons everywhere we go! (Please don't judge us. We are fun.) Unlimited fun for $35

Stretch Strap
I don't know why walking so much makes you tense, but sometimes you just need to stretch out after (and before) all that exercise you're getting going from one landmark to the next. Luckily, you can get a stretch strap that works for everyone in your travel party and allows your muscles all that pull they need without having to hit the hotel gym. This little strap is just $15.95, on Prime, and packs into almost no space at all.
Collapsible food containers
Got a traveler who does a lot of road tripping, or just likes to bring their own snackies with them on the plane? I do this and usually bring a hard storage container for all my homemade goodies. Not only are these sweet to take on the plane, train, and in the car, but they are fantastic for work lunches and more. When empty, collapse them and they take up much less space, so you have room for souvenirs. I like the set above, which is $29.99, but I have something similar to this set that is only $20. 

Moderate ($40-99)

Lug Propeller Gym Bag
Lug has some excellent products, which are multipurpose and great to look at as well. This bag is technically a gym bag, with a zip front that holds your yoga mat, but I love it as a carry-on bag. It fits under the seat, has room for everything you need, and I use that zipper compartment to either hold my jacket that I don't want to wear, or put my travel docs in it and zip it closed. Boom! When not traveling, you can use it as a traditional gym bag or even a diaper bag. Purchase from Amazon starting at $72.99, choosing your favorite color/pattern.

Travel flats
Oka-b has some of the best travel shoes you can ask for, especially if you're looking for stylish, packable and comfy kicks. The ballet flats are lovely and go with just about everything and the price is pretty sweet too. They average $46 a pair, plus they have flip flops, wedges and sandals. If they get grungy, you can wash them in the dishwasher or scrub them with regular dish soap too! And when you order through this weekend, get 15% or more off!

Help save the National Parks
Our National Parks, landmarks and monuments are not guaranteed. Buy your lover of the outdoors some sweet NP swag and let them know that your gift is going to support the Coalition to Protect America's National Parks, so they can visit them for many trips to come. The awesome clothing is around $30-40, but you can also find other goods that are cheaper to fit into your budget.

Splurge ($99 and over)

Sunglasses from Visionworks
I always have 2-4 pair of sunglasses at home at any time. I love to show off my style through my shades. Visionworks partners with designer brands, like Guess, to bring you the best in stylish sunglasses. They aren't cheap, but think of how awesome these fantastic sunnies are going to look in vacation pics! Actually, you can find a pair for around $90, and right now they are all on sale. The ones I'll be reviewing for you retail for $180.

For the road tripper on your list, give them the gift of security. Whether they need a tow, a jump, or a tire change, AAA is always there for you...er them. We have it, and though I've not used it for much, it's always nice to know it's there as insurance, especially when roadtripping alone and driving through pretty desolate areas. There are several different memberships you can buy, but any of them will be appreciated. Sign up here.

For more ideas on what to buy for the traveler on your holiday list, check out my Dads & Grads list and my Mother's Day list

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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