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Monday, April 16, 2018

Review: Anti-Theft Tailored Crossbody Phone Pouch by Travelon

Sometimes when you travel, you may not want to carry much with you. Even when you go to a concert or out to dinner, you might just want the essentials: your phone, money and some lip balm. Travelon knows that not every bag works for everyone, which is why they have a variety and their new Tailored collection is both fun and functional. One of my new favorites is the little crossbody phone pouch, which fits all of the things I said above, your car keys and a few other items.

As someone who tries to go to a few nice dinners out and also some very touristy places when on vacation, I hate having to lug everything I own with me. I would totally just carry around my phone and some credit cards if I could, but there aren't many bags that fit those and aren't bulky, or  keep your items safe. Well, now when you're at that crowded museum or festival, you can carry the bare minimum and also have the peace of mind that your info and items are thief-proof. The Anti-theft Tailored Crossbody Phone Pouch is cute to wear, but also has those safety features you love from Travelon.

Look at this profile, and the color. I swear I swooned over this aquamarine, because it's gorgeous, right? 

This outside pocket has this handy little twist lock, so you can keep things handy, like receipts, tickets, or your camera, which is what I would put in there, because I take a ton when I travel, and it's nice to have it right there with me, easy to take out and put back in, without revealing everything else in my bag. 

Obviously, this pocket is large enough for other things, like maybe your backup battery for your phone or a couple of granola bars (you know how I like to have snacks with me). 

Despite the tiny profile, this bag has a pretty large inside compartment. My phone is on the larger side, and it fit in here pretty snugly and I had no issues zipping the bag closed. Plus I was able to get my lip balm, gum and compact in there with room to spare.

This cute little bag has a nice lighter fabric inside, several credit card slots and a larger slot that fits your passport perfectly. All of your cards and passport are RFID-protected (yay!). Try to find that in any other bag this small. 

As with all of Travelon's bags, they have included a key leashwith tiny flashlight. My car keys can be a bit bulky (like a lot of rental car keys), but they still fit in the bag with all my other things and were easy to find now. 

Your main compartment has a locking zipper. You don't have to use this, but if you are worried at all about your stuff, clip the zipper to the D-ring on the side of the bag. It's easy to use and totally subtle. 

Another awesome anti-theft feature of the phone poucn is the fact that you can unclip our shoulder strap, wrap it around a chair or railing, and then reclip and lock them, making it impossible to steal. The new clips attached to the strap are dainty looking, but also super easy to work. 

Your strap is nice and wide (but not too wide), and fully adjustable, so you can wear this bag multiple ways. It's also slash-proof, as is the body of the bag.

I love a bag that I can wear several ways. Carry like a regular shoulder bag or a crossbody. The strap enables you to make it as long as you need, because I know taller people probably have more of an issue than I do finding a crossbody that works for them. 

People are loving the fanny pack now, and you can cinch the strap short and wear around your waist. This is fantastic when you want a bag that's even more convenient to carry, like going to a concert and wanting your arms free and to not get caught on anyone while jumping around. It's also nice that the phone pouch doesn't carry too much, meaning it's not heavy, even when completely full, so it's not going to sag on your hips either.

I'm enjoying the chic look of this bag, since before now, anything similar to this size has been kind of athletic looking and didn't work with an outfit that was dressed up at all. The Tailored collection takes are of that, so you can carry it while wearing shorts or a more formal outfit. You're going to love it.

Additional info:
Where can I buy it: On Travelon's website
How much does it cost? $40, but you can get 20% off when you use my code: ShereenTravels20%
What colors does it come in? garnet | onyx | sapphire | sable | aquamarine (shown) | plumrose
More specs: Nylon Twill, size: 5" x 6.75" x 2", full strap length: 54", strap drop: 14.5"-27"

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Disclosure: I was provided with the Tailored Crossbody Phone Pouch for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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