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Monday, June 25, 2018

Review: ONboard Underseat Duffel from Lewis N Clark

More and more airlines are raising their prices on baggage fees, and several of them are adding charges to carry-on luggage that only fits in the overhead. For those of you like to travel light and save money, then getting an underseat bag that works for you is going to be key. Lewis N Clark has designed a range of bags for you, the ONboard line is classic and perfect for the frugal traveler as well.

 I was able to view the ONboard collection when at the Travel Goods Show and I knew then that you guys were going to think it was as awesome as I do. I was especially loving the Underseat Duffle, because of its profile and how handy all the pockets are to get to all your things even with it under the seat. It's also manageable to carry, even for a smaller person.  You can carry it with the handles or the included removable, adjustable shoulder strap .

Eric's going to Vegas with friends next month, so I've been pulling together all the things he needs to go for a week, to do minimal laundry with the insanely hot weather. I packed him 5 shirts, 3 pair of shorts, 4 pair of underwear, flip flops and swim trunks. I also packed his toiletry bag with the necessities, pulled together some snacks for show and added other things I knew he would need. This bag had a place for everything and room for souvenirs on the way home.

Despite its size, the main compartment is largeenough for a weekor moreworth of clothing.   

I like the flat bottom of the bag, because it gives the duffel structure, which many duffels lack. It's perfect for shoes and I packed the flip flops first (you could easily fit smaller flops in the side slip pockets that run the length of the bag, or you can use that for smaller items like socks, underwear or your jewelry bag. After adding underwear to one side, I had a good chunk of the bag open for everything else.

OnceI rolled all the clothing, they easily fit into that space, with room for more. 

Our small toiletry bag fit on top of the underwear to make my layers level with each other. As you can see, it's not full yet. 

I added snacks, because the flight is short, but also because it's nice to just have snacks in general when you travel. 

The outside of the bag has a pass-through strap on one side and two large zipper pockets on the other. The outer most pocket has slip pockets for small electronics or toiletries or snacks. Whatever you want to use it for.

The inner pocket is larger than the other and has no organization, but it's big enough for a 10" tablet. This is where I would keep my tablet and some games. You may want to pack a magazine or a notebook in there, however you like to travel.

Even the top of the bag is useful and forward-thinking. Easily accessible when in flight, but also a low profile so it doesn't catch on anything, I think this little zipper pocket is ingenious. 

It's a fantastic hold-all for when you pass through security and need to empty your pockets. It can easily hold your keys, wallet, change and whatever else you walk around with. It's also large enough to just toss your phone in during your flight. 

Of course, you may want to put your phone in the front pocket of the bag. This is perfect for all the things you want to have right at your fingertips, plus has a handy RFID-blocking zipper pocket big enough to hold credit cards and your passport (or several). It has two slip pockets for organization, and when you sip this up, there's even a pocket on the outside. 

Initially, I wasn't quite sure what this little pocket was for, because I'd totally use it for lip balm, but the plastic ring with an elastic band clued me in to it being more useful than that (for most other people). You can clip your keys to this, and use it for other quick-access items like a mini flashlight or flash drive if you're working.

An no bag is complete without a place for a water bottle, is it? Well, the ONboard Underseat Duffel doesn't disappoint there either. The back of the bag has an awesome zip out bottle holder, so you can have it when you need it, and then zip it away when you don't. I love that. 

So, whether you're using this bag as a personal item size or a main carry-on, it has plenty of room for everything you need for a weekend trip, a week trip, or even longer. It's the perfect companion for a business traveler as well. With its classic look, it can go from plane to a business meeting and then to your hotel room. When not traveling, it can double as a gym bag, too. 

Additional details:
Where can I buy it? The Lewis N Clark website
How much is it? $69.99
more specs: Neoprene handle wrap, 16" x 9" x 8.5", 840D ballistic nylon

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the ONboard Underseat Duffel for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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