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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Where To Spend Your Long Weekend In North Carolina

If you want to see the best of a state, then a road trip might be the perfect way to get a snapshot of what it has to offer. If you don’t have much longer than a long weekend, it can be hard to see everything North Carolina has to offer, however. For that reason, we’re going to look at some of the must-see highlights you can’t miss.

Experience the nostalgia of Old Salem

Every state has its own history, but few present it quite as impressively as North Carolina does with the living museum of Old Salem. Unlike many of the manufactured “old towns” around the country, this is the real deal, with genuine preserved buildings, many of them converted into galleries where you can see a host of antiques. Authenticity is the name of the game, with many of the tradesmen employed at Old Salem using the traditional methods of creating souvenirs you simply won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Go wild in Duck

Despite the modest name, this underrated spot offers some of the finest natural beauty in the state, offering one of the most family-friendly beaches. It’s not the biggest of towns, with few accommodation options inside it, but you can easily find a hotel near Duck, North Carolina, that offers even more of the gorgeous coast to explore on your way there. With plenty of piers and walkways to explore an ever-shifting coast, as well as plenty of kayaking and canoeing fun, it’s a great way to feel closer to that good North Carolina nature.

Get romantic in Charlotte

One of the best places in the country for a Valentines getaway, Charlotte is just as good for couples who want to make a flying stop before exploring the rest of the state, as well. It’s a city full of rich and authentic culture, from scrumptious Cajun food restaurants to live jazz and blues joints, sometimes you can both in the same place. If you want a spot for a romantic dance, you can even bring your own favorite record with you to Petra’s Bar on the Bring Your Own Vinyl night.

Escape to the sea at Outer Banks

Duck is a perfect place to stop at the coast on your way through the state, though if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can continue your voyage out to the Outer Banks. This island chain offers tons of natural beauty to explore, but the adventurous amongst you will want to see the history of piracy, including some of the places that the famous Lord of the Pirates, Blackbeard himself, making the area his hideout during his most infamous period. From shipwrecks to piracy museums, it’s perfect for those fans of the scurvy sea-dogs.

With a rich history, gorgeous natural beauty, and a great romantic city getaway in the form of Charlottesville, there’s no doubt that North Carolina has something to offer just about every kind of traveler. You just need to be willing to look a little deeper and go a little further.

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