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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Review: Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

When you travel, it is pretty important to stay hydrated, especially when on the plane, when the air is dry. Drinking water can also keep you healthy, but purchasing bottles everywhere you go can be both expensive and wasteful. I always bring a reusable bottle with me, but it can be annoying and cumbersome, especially when it's empty. Hydaway knows what you want.

The collapsible bottle from Hydaway comes in fun colors and has a unique design to keep it from collapsing in on itself when you're attempting to drink from a partially full bottle. I was intrigued by this new bottle, and not just because it is made in Bend, Oregon (a short, and beautiful, drive from where I live). The silicone  material is  what allows the bottle to be collapsible, and the BPA-free plastic gives it structure where it needs it, including making the lid a lot more user-friendly. Each lid has a convenient handle, so you can use a clip to hook it to the outside of your bag or carry it more easily when it's full. 

When your bottle is empty, you can collapse it down to a small 1.5" profile that can fit in your bag or your jacket pocket until you need it again. This is smaller than a lot of other bottles on the market, giving you more room in your bag for other things you need, like snacks or souvenirs. I don't judge.

What makes this bottle different from all the others you've seen? Well, as we've already established, it packs down small, and collapsing and expanding it is super simple. There's no twisting or squishing. You can even do it with one hand. The silicone keeps its shape, and the plastic ring that makes up the largest part of the bottle gives it structure, so when you're drinking out of it, it doesn't get all floppy on you, because you can't squeeze it inward. 

The ring also helps keep your bottle from wobbling around in your car's cup holder. That's a big plus for me, because I always bring something to drink with me in the car. The weird shape works in many ways, but it's also unique and no one's going to mistake it for their water bottle. 

You can put this bottle in the freezer, too. No more trying to stuff ice cubes into a space not designed for it, though the wide mouth opening will allow you to do so. I collapsed mine halfway, filled it mostly with water and put in the freezer, so the next day, I had a nice base of ice, expanded it all the way, and filled the rest with water. Boom! Cold water for running errands! (I didn't need to partially collapse it, but it fit better in my freezer door this way.)

You can put this bottle in the dishwasher! This is a game changer for me, because I hate handwashing things and I hate having to buy special tools/cleaners for things. I put it right up on the top rack with my other cups, and it came out exactly as it went in, despite the high temps of the water in my dishwasher. I love it! This makes me happier than I can even tell you, because it means I'll wash my water bottle far more than I do now and probably avoid a lot of bacteria that might build up.

Do you often fill up your bottles at drinking fountains or the sinks in your hotel room? That can be really icky tasting, right? We go to Vegas once or twice a year and their tap water is groooossssssss. Actually, most places have gross tap water. Well, you can purchase a carbon filter "system" for your Hydaway and it takes all those yucky impurities out as you drink. I love it!

Now you're ready for all those summer travels you're doing to the beach, theme parks, even city sightseeing. Maybe you're just a mom who has kids who are always thirsty THE SECOND you leave the house or where your only option is to buy a drink. Well, not anymore. Buy one or more of these and have water on-hand, or the ability to hold water, all the time. 

Don't have kids? That's okay too. Not only can you use this for all your trips out and about and your travels and everywhere else, I'm assured you can also use this bottle for adult beverages. What?! Yeah. Fill it with wine or a cocktail to take on a picnic, to hang out in the yard, to enjoy at Fourth of July celebrations. Much less conspicuous than a flask, plus it just looks cool, and no one will suspect you have booze and want you to share. Ha!

Mother's Day, Father's Day and graduations are coming up. Create a fun little travel gift box with a Hydaway in it and other things your recipient might like, because no one will ever be disappointed by a gift of easier hydration, especially if it makes their trips better. You can grab a travel pack and get more than one bottle, so you can give several away and keep one for yourself!

Other details:
Where can I buy it? On Hydaway's website
How much does it cost? $25.00
What colors does it come in? Bluebird (shown) | Midnight | Mist | Plum | Seaside | Sunset | Thunder | Timber | Lightning
more specs: 17oz capacity, leak-proof, non-toxic, 15% lighter than original model, full height: 6", collapsed: 1.5", diameter: 3.75"

Give Hydaway some love and follow them everywhere they are:

Disclaimer: I was given the Hydaway bottle for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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