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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Traveling To Greece From Home

It's no secret to anyone right now that I won't be traveling anywhere until at least 2021. Well, that started to get depressing, so I decided to do something fun and new for our weekly date night. This week we "went" to Greece. 

In June, we threw my husband a travel-themed front yard quarantine party. We had food and drinks from the "snack cart", put up a plane backdrop, gave away travel "souvenirs", and socially distanced on the front lawn with family and friends that dropped by during our 3 hour come-when-you-want timeframe. I had an Athens backdrop from that which I didn't use, because it was slated to rain, so I didn't want to waste time setting up  things that wouldn't actually get seen. 

Well, it didn't rain, but that's fine. I had been looking for a way to use this backdrop since. On Friday, I came up with a brilliant idea to use it to "travel" and now I've got a whole new idea for date nights during this quarantine period when we can't travel and we're basically only getting takeout or delivery once or twice a week. 

I got out my photo backdrop frame, set up my Athens backdrop on it in the backyard, dragged our bistro table and chairs onto the lawn and put together a cute little setting for two. While I didn't do a Greek menu, because it was a million degrees this last weekend, I had a charcuterie board that I put together on this fun cheese board I was gifted a while ago. I brought out the good wine goblets and filled the bottom with frozen berries for a summery addition to my sparkling rosé and apple/raspberry cider. 

We enjoyed the breezy summer evening and put on a podcast about Greece, which made it feel like we were on a city tour. If you've never been on a Big Bus tour, I highly recommend it. You sit on the top of the bus and listen to either a live tour guide or plug in headphones that are given to you when you board to hear a recording about things you're actively seeing. 

Not only that, but I set up a planter I had in the garage from our wedding and used a solar powered fountain for bird baths to create an old-world fountain feel. 

In the future, I think we will use this travel date to also talk about future travel plans, including what we'd do on these trips if they were real.  This no-plane-or-packing-required trip only cost us a whopping $50, including food, but only because I already had the tablecloth, cheese board, and glasses. I would have spent that money on delivered food anyway, so we got a bit more for our money this week.

Things you can use to create your own "trip" to Greece:

You don't actually need any of these things either. Just use what you already have at home. It's just fun to have a theme and go a little all-in with it. I hope you'll try to make your non-travel time more creative. Make it fun. Make it romantic. Make it educational. Cook together. Take an online class. Go on a virtual tour. Dress up or don't. However you like to travel! This is an ultimate budget-friendly trip for the armchair traveler right now. 

Where should we "go" next?

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