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Monday, November 2, 2020

Enjoying Florida Like a Pro

Sometimes, the best vacations can be somewhere in between an exotic getaway and a cozy staycation - like visiting a different state, for example! Domestic holidays are a cost-effective way to change your environment and have an adventure, and one of the most popular destinations in the entire US is Florida. It’s no surprise - ‘the sunshine state’ has it all, from beautiful scenery to beaches, to nightlife and shopping, and all with a healthy dose of sun and heat. But if you have limited time, the options can be overwhelming! Here’s a list of the highlights to help you narrow down your activities and make the most of your vacation.

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Beautiful Nature

One of the most famous parts of Florida is the Everglades National Park, and for good reason. The Everglades is the second biggest national park in the country, only beaten by Yellowstone, and it can be pretty spectacular. A boat trip out on the water is a fundamental part of any Florida vacation, where you can see some of the incredible wildlife, including both alligators and crocodiles!


It isn’t the land of sunshine for nothing, and Florida is full of beautiful beaches for you to enjoy. Miami beach is perfectly located if you want to enjoy the sand and sea with easy access to amenities and the rest of the state, but you can also get off the beaten track a little and find some wonderful gems. Whatever you decide to do, you absolutely can’t make a trip to Florida without sampling at least one of the beaches.


When you’re not out on the water or lounging under a sunshade, you’ll want to enjoy the incredible nightlife Florida has to offer. Warm, clear nights contribute to a thriving cultural scene, with Duval Street in Key West boasting a particularly brilliant atmosphere with its Caribbean vibes. Don’t worry about hitting the bars too hard either; in Florida you can order a Reset IV, available 24/7, to cure hangovers and make you feel your best for the rest of your vacation.


Once your hangover is cured, you might be interested in exploring the cultural side of Florida. Though you might not think it at first, the state has plenty of fascinating museums and galleries to keep you occupied, not least the fabulous Salvador Dali museum in St Petersburg, which is a must-not-miss for art fans.


Florida wouldn’t be Florida without its shopping experiences, and your vacation is the time to treat yourself. Every big city in the state has a bustling center and marketplaces, so a trip to Florida is definitely an excuse to whip out your purse and have a look around.

Family Attractions

For a family holiday, you can’t get much better than Walt Disney World. It’s a hugely popular amusement park, world-famous, full of legendary rides and experiences including Space mountain. Whilst Florida is stuffed full of amusement parks, including Universal Studios, this one really can’t be missed by anyone, even if you don’t have kids!

Eventually, we'll be able to travel safely, and when we can, Florida can be a great destination, even if you don't want to go to the theme parks. In fact, that makes it much more affordable.

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