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Saturday, November 28, 2020

8 Must-Do Road Trips

After almost a year of no travel, I've finally booked a vacation rental for a short road trip for February. We'll be traveling in our small pod (me, Eric, my mom, and the dog) for my mom's birthday, getting take-out and making our own food, then we'll take a few drives around the area, and hang out in the hot tub and around the fire pit. This got me thinking about socially-conscious road trips you could be taking. Here are 8 of the best ones:


I hope everyone's having a safe and healthy Thanksgiving weekend. Before we know it, we'll be planning trips again and going to places we've been craving, with a few changes to the way we do it. Enjoy this time of bonding with your family, and spend some time talking about your next adventure and travel dreams. If you want to see how to road trip safely, you can see my post here.

Where are you hoping to travel when the world opens up again? I'm looking forward to going to Iceland. 

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