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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Happy King's Day!

Yesterday we celebrated King's Day on our Destination Date Night. I'll be writing up a proper blog post of our staycation and an accompanying post, but for now, I thought you might like to learn more about it, and you can see our photos on my newest Instagram post, Instagram story, or if you're reading this later, you can also see the story posts in my Covid Travel highlights.

Yesterday we celebrated Amsterdams' King's Day on our Destination Date. I'll write a proper blog post of our staycation, but here's more about it.

Though there was no normal King's Day celebration this year, we watched some former year celebrations and a set from Martin Garrix done this year on the top of a building which was both fun and had awesome views. So, if nothing else we were able to have one of our own dance parties at home that would normally take place in Amsterdam.

While cramming on a boat with a bunch of strangers who are drinking doesn't sound all that fun to me, Amsterdam itself looks beautiful and worth the visit another time of year. 

This week I learned that Holland and the Netherlands are the same thing. For some reason, I thought they were two different countries, but they are not. 

Have you ever been to a city-wide party on your travels?

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