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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lake Life Mugs from Well Told Design

Being at home for so much of my down time now has given us an appreciation for things we use constantly, like really good dishware, furniture, and electronics. We have replaced some of the things we see and use that we don't love, and some of those things have been drinking vessels. Upgrading is never a bad thing if it makes your life better.

Well Told has a new line of lakes coffee and tea mugs, expanding your options of moments you can hold in your hand.

Well Told Design products are great for reminding you of some of your favorite trips. We have pint glasses with the London map on them, because it's a place we love and have great memories from our trips there. Well Told has a new line of lakes coffee and tea mugs, expanding your options of moments you can hold in your hand.

Having previously brought you some of their great products, Well Told reached out to me to allow me to show off this new Lake Life line. I love coffee. I love coffee mugs. And I love travel and travel gifts, so of course, I said yes. Look at this gorgeous, high-quality mug! It's massive, and I adore it.

It went really well with my giant plate of pastries, making it all look normal-sized until you see it in my regular-size hands. LOL! The thing is, we have other large mugs, this one is just taller, heavier, and thicker than any other mug we own, making it a great focal point that gets people asking about it.

We often show off our food or drinking vessels in our weekly Sunday Zoom brunches, along with other things we like and want other people to know about, and I know this mug is going to make several appearances. What makes this mug so special, besides what a great mug it is, is the map on it. We have been to Lake Tahoe in the past, where we had some good times and celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary by joining them lakeside for a vow renewal.

On one side is a topographical map of Lake Tahoe and on the other is the name of the lake and the map coordinates. I love that the white background makes the other colors stand out and the handle is sturdy and easy to hold onto, even if you have bigger hands. I notice that you don't burn your knuckles on your hot coffee like you might with other coffee mugs, because they are both thinner and have closer, smaller handles.

The holidays will be quickly approaching, so if you have a tea, coffee, or cocoa fan on your list that also likes to get outdoors, these make excellent gifts. Stuff them with their favorite beverage or fun and useful hiking/travel accessories. Pair them with another set of Well Told Design glasses or insulated travel mugs. If you know someone in college or off to start their life in a new home, help them get their kitchen started with some quality, and lovely mugs that they'll love using. They're microwave and dishwasher safe, so they're easy to care for and will look vibrant for many years to come.

If they don't enjoy hiking, camping, or lake activities, that's okay, because these 15oz mugs also come in historical patterns (like The Constitution), U.S. city maps, and college town maps. Buy matching ones or mix and match to fit everyone's personality.

Other details:
Where can I buy it? On Well Told Design website 
How much is it? $21.95 each
More info: 20 different lake maps to choose from. Detailed lake map ceramic mug fired to high temperatures and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Designed and decorated in the U.S. 15oz capacity. Diameter: 3 1/3", height: 4 1/2", weight: 1 lbs.

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What lake has special significance for you?

Disclaimer: I was provided a Well Told Design coffee mug for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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