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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

8 Alternative Budget Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break may be fast approaching, but non-essential travel is still kind of frowned upon, and you probably don't feel comfortable visiting a place that's packed full of drunken tourists. We all want to get away from home and have some fun, so if you're trying to take a trip that's somewhat safe and also budget-friendly, here are 8 options for you: 

Spring Break may be fast approaching, but you can still have a safe and budget-friendly trip with these 8 alternative options.

  • Washington, DC - With Covid restrictions finally lifted, most of the museums have reopened. The weather is generally nice during the spring, so eating outside will be pleasant, allowing you to dig in to the rich foodie scene. If you want to eat inside, right now you will need to show proof of vaccination. Here are some of the things we did on one of our previous trips.
  • Phoenix/Tempe - Arizona isn't at the height of its hot temps in March/April, making it an ideal vacation destination. Get amazing hotel rates or spend a little extra for a luxury resort that may be offering up to 40% off. There are a lot of cool things to see and do there, and tons of delicious Mexican food, too.
  • Palm Springs - While not as exotic as much of the rest of this list, and known mostly for their golfing, Palm Springs is a nature-lovers’ desert oasis. From hiking, horseback riding and swimming, there is something for everyone who loves to be outside. Steeped in Native American and Mexican culture, the city is now a resort paradise that draws regular travelers and celebrities alike. You can find great deals on accommodations, entertainment and even dining and spa services. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it – and find it for less – in the desert of Palm Springs.
  • Austin, TexasWhile the city may be weird, it's also romantic and unique. Learn to get down and lose your two left feet on Saturdays at the White Horse for free with lessons from Two Left Foots. The Blanton Museum of Art stays open late on Third Thursdays, so it's the perfect post-dinner activity. The New Movement has free and affordable comedy shows all week long. And what's cooler than a speakeasy? Behind a false bookcase in Firehouse Lounge, you'll find a secluded bar for a drink with your travel companion(s).
  • Los Angeles - California has some fantastic weather much of the year, or at least better than other parts of the country. I've never turned down a trip to LA, because Disneyland, Universal, Hollywood, delicious foods, amazing art. I mean, the list goes on and on. Couple that with flights that are almost 25% less than other times of the year and you really can't go wrong. My friend and I spent two days in LA last year when we did theme parks and we were never disappointed by what we found to do.
  • New OrleansI've traveled to New Orleans and have written several posts about it. With Mardi Gras behind them, Spring is a wonderful time to visit. Not only do you get to take advantage of the warm weather, but you also aren't wading through hoards of tourists.  Save on your trip to New Orleans with the Power Pass. Starting as low as $28 per day, gain entry to the must-see attractions of the city. Choose from places like the Musee Conti Wax Museum, Audubon Zoo, Cajun Pride Swamp Tour and much more! Available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 day durations. Add a 1-3 day MealTicket to eat at awesome restaurants for one low price. If you know you’ll be stuffing your face with étouffée, jambalaya and other Cajun deliciousness, this is definitely the way to go!
  • San Francisco - This may seem like a really expensive destination, but if you look for hotels in the Union Square area, you can find rates as low as $120 for a 4-star hotel. Find awesome, and affordable, things to do there using this 48 hours post.
  • Las Vegas As long as you don't gamble away your savings in the casinos, you can totally make a trip to Sin City cheap. Rates at the MGM Grand can run you under $100 per night, and you can spend less at a less-luxurious hotel. Not sure how to keep your money in your pockets? Here are free and cheap ideas and what you can do if you have kids in tow.
Right now you'll find a lot of great airfare deals for the next several months. I've seen some really affordable Alaska flights, starting at just $59 each way, so if you're planning to take a trip, now's the perfect time to start booking airfare and accommodations for it.

Where are you hoping to go this Spring?

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