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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Getting Comfortable On the Plane

It's no secret that airfare is sky-high right now, so it's hard to really find deals that are that good. In order to save money, you're probably trying to go as budget as possible. With airplane real estate at a premium, it can be hard to get comfortable on flights when you're relegated to economy class, but there are a few things you can do to make your air travel less awful and more comfy.

With airplane real estate at a premium, it can be hard to get comfortable on flights, but there are a few things to make your air travel less awful.

Dress in layers - You never know if the plane is going to be hot or cold or what, so it's always smart to just layer up and then you can take off or put on a layer as needed. I tend to wear a tee or tank and a cardigan and also bring a lightweight scarf, in case there is a chill and I need to protect my neck.

Wear nonrestrictive shoes (so if your feet/ankle swell, they won't get worse) - Ask me how I know :) Slip on shoes are always good, but if you're trying to save space in  your bag, walking shoes are not a bad plane option either. Of course, you can always pop a pair of folding flats/slippers in your bag and change on the plane.

Invest in a pair of compression socks - If your feet or ankles swell on long flights like mine do from dangling off the seat, these are a lifesaver and easy to buy online or even at the airport. I love the compression socks and sleeves from Zensah.
Bring your own snacks - I like to be on my own schedule, plus I'm not willing to pay $8 for grapes and fake cheese, so I pack my own. It saves you money, you know what you're eating and you don't have to wait for the cart to get to you.

Don't forget your neck pillow - Sometimes, you just want to sleep until you get to your destination. Neck pillows are really useful, even if they look dumb. I have a favorite one (hint: it's not one of those c-shaped foam ones that don't work at all. We both use the FaceCradle and soon I'll be reviewing the Somniwrap from Travelon.

Grab a BIG bottle of water - Most attendants won't give you the whole bottle of water, and if you're thirsty right at take-off, it sucks to be you. Get the big bottle at the newsstand and you'll be happy you did. If you don't drink it all in the air, you still have it at your destination. So much hydration! I always bring a thermos to put my water in to keep it cold, but you can also save $7 and just fill yours up at a refilling station that can be found at many airports now.

Make use of the seatback pocket - Putting all your crap in the overhead? Pack a small bag with the stuff you definitely want while flying (magazine, e-reader, travel journal) and slip it under your seat or in the seatback, so you aren't getting up and rummaging in  your bag and annoying people. Nothing's worse than looking over and seeing someone's butt right at your eye level. In fact, invest in Airplane Pockets to keep your stuff together and keep germs away. (You can see us using ours in the top pic.)

What are some of your favorite ways to make air travel better?

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated monetarily when you make a purchase through them. This helps me continue to run this blog, so thanks in advance.

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