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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stay Hydrated with Travelon's Greenlander Insulated Water Bottle Bag

Eric and I are forever trying to stay hydrated when we travel. We quit buying bottles of water everywhere we go forever ago, because it can really add up, and it's a waste of plastic. Of course, carrying around a thermos is annoying and can add too much weight to my already stuffed purse. A water bottle bag is the answer, and Travelon has so many to choose from.

The Greenlander Insulated Water Bottle Bag from Travelon is anti-theft, sporty, and fits most size bottles and thermoses.

This is the third water bottle bag we've gotten from Travelon and it's a big step up from the basic one we have, but still lightweight, and has more features. Eric drinks the most while we're out, so he gets the honor of carrying this bag. He's not asking me constantly for the bottle and it's pretty much impossible for him to set it down and forget it, since he's wearing it.

When I'm just out with the dog or at the beach/pool, and I don't have to take a purse, these bags are perfect for me, too. It's comfortable to wear and fits any bottle I have, including my shorter, wide-mouth 14 oz thermos and a big liter size SodaStream bottle.

The strap is nice and wide, with rounded edges, so it's not digging into your shoulder or neck. It's really comfortable and can be adjusted for whatever your height. We both wear it crossbody, and it's always perfect for us both. 

This new Greenlander water bottle bag is insulated, so even if you aren't walking around with an insulated thermos, you aren't forced to drink gross lukewarm water (or whatever beverage you're drinking) all day. It makes hydrating a little more tolerable, especially when it's hot outside. 

No matter your bottle or thermos size, the Greenlander Water Bottle Bag has a drawstring closure on the top to keep your bag inside and from falling out if it falls over or you bend down. We've had this happen when putting it in the backseat of the car and had to fish under the seats for it.

This cool bottle bag has some neat anti-theft features, too. Instead of a locking zipper, which can be difficult to deal with on a bag like this, it has a zipper that fits through a loop, so it can't slide down if caught on something or if someone tries to unzip it to get at what's in the pocket. 

This zippered pocket is the perfect size for small necessities. Maybe you're taking this on a short flight and don't need much on the plane, or taking it to the pool or beach. Stash your ID, keys, and cash in there. 

This pocket actually stretches across half of the circumference of the bag, which I found surprising. You can get more inside if you aren't carrying a huge bottle and if you put things in it before you put your bottle in. You can't fit your passport in there, unless you do it sideways, and then you risk it bending and getting damaged, so I don't suggest trying it. 

There's also the insulated lining here, too, so if you wanted to store some small snacks in there, or your favorite lipbalm that you don't want to melt, you totally can. 

If you're traveling with your dog and need a place to clip on your potty bag dispenser, or a collapsible bowl, you can use the front loop. 

There's a larger loop on the "back" that can be used for that as well, or your keys or a badge when going to conventions or theme parks. 

The Greenlander Water Bottle Bag also has a slash-resistent body, keeping your items safe from thieves. I love that their bags have this feature. It adds a bit of weight, but it gives me peace of mind. 

Traveling with kids? Get two of these and use one for snacks, like granola bars and fruit. It's a way to store them easily, and it's convenient to just pull something out right away. The drawstring will keep everything in and the insulation will keep things cool and non-melty or non-wilty. It's also great for baby bottles or juice boxes! And if your kids are dogs, throw a little bag of treats underneath your water bottle for them.

Everyone can use this awesome little bag, so keep it in mind for Father's Day, graduations, and birthdays coming up. It's not just for travel, but great for hiking, festivals, hanging out at the park, and taking to the beach.

More details
Where to buy: Travelon website
Cost: $40 - take 20% off with my code SHEREENTRAVELS20%
Colors it is available in: Galaxy Blue with aqua details (shown) | Jet Black with lime details (shown up top) | Diamond Ash with coral details
Other specs: size: 4" x 4" x 8.5", made of sustainable 100% certified recycled rPET material, slash-resistant adjustable strap with 14"-29" drop

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the Greenlander Anti-Theft Insulated Water Bottle Bag for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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