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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

5 Tips for An Awesome Summer Staycation

After all we've been through the last couple of years, travel is still unattainable for many, because gas prices are stupid high and so is airfare. Plane routes are being cut still, as Covid cases are still prevalent in many industries, and there just aren't enough pilots, flight attendants, aircraft crew to ramp up flights even a little. If you are looking at another summer at home, a staycation might be the best answer right now.

If you are looking at another summer at home, a staycation might be the best answer right now. Here are 5 of my favorite creative ways to do one.

Yes, we've been staycationing for 2+ years now, but there are plenty of ways to still make it special. Here are 5 of my favorite creative ways to do it:


1. Create a spread (or get takeaway from your favorite food truck(s) if you’re feeling lazy)
Take a blanket from home, and picnic in your favorite park…or one you’ve never visited before. This is a great way to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun. You can see people safely, from a distance. After you eat, you can lounge or take a stroll. Maybe bring a game or two and make it a fun outing.

2. Have a romantic travel date
Just because you can’t travel, doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Huh? We have done theme date nights. One week we ordered a whole afternoon tea spread and set it all up in the living room and ate it while we watched a West End play on YouTube. You can now pay to watch Broadway Shows and also productions from The Globe.
You can decorate in your theme, you can use Window Swap or Earth Cam for live atmosphere, you can get a backdrop for cheap and set it up to “be” at your destination. Cook food from your chosen travel destination or order delivery. Make it special. (I have lots of examples. Just search Destination Date Night on the right and you'll find a whole list.)

3. Go on a scavenger hunt
This is a perfect activity for social distancing. You and your significant other or group of friends sign up for a city scavenger hunt (you can be in more than one team if you want). You solve clues to get to different interesting things in your city and learn things along the way. You never have to go inside anywhere and it helps you work together. Try Stray Boots or Urban Adventure Quest.

4. See free art
Just because museums aren’t open doesn’t mean you don’t have access to awesome art in your city. Many downtown, and even suburban, areas have a city art project that works with local artists to create amazing sculptures and murals. Look up info on where to start, map out a course, then go take pictures, talk about the pieces, find street artists on Instagram. It’s a fantastic way to see your city, enjoy art from your community, and celebrate how great it is that art is so accessible. Post pictures with artist links on your social media pages and help other people discover it, too!

5. Take a walking tour
I love my city of Portland, Oregon. It’s beautiful. There’s something new around every corner. I haven’t seen it all yet! If you want to see more of your own city – highly recommended – then look for free self-guided walking tours, or just get out there and wander. There’s no wrong way to do it. Bring your phone to take pictures. Wear a fun outfit. Pretend you’re a tourist. Need somewhere to start? Try GPS My City.

I hope you've found a new idea for your summer, because we're all disappointed in a lot of things right now. What is your favorite thing to do on a staycation?

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