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Saturday, July 16, 2022

A Bookstore, a coffeeshop, and...Artificial Bird Sanctuary?

We have come back from our (mostly) annual trip from Las Vegas and we found some really cool stuff on this visit. One such place is The Writer's Block, a gorgeous bookstore that also has a coffee shop, because books and coffee just go together. What sets this shop apart from all other bookstores is the decor. It's like stepping into the outside, but better.

The Writer's Block is a gorgeous bookstore that also has a coffee shop. What sets this shop apart from all other bookstores is the decor.

I already knew that I wanted to support this unique bookstore before ever setting foot in it. Here's the book I decided was going to be interesting and also small enough to fit in my bag going home. This whole shelf was full of A Short Introduction books of all subjects. 

The outside of the shop is standard and really gives you no indication of what's in store for you inside.

Walking in, you are immediately greeted by this huge birdcage full of literature. One side is the coffee shop, and the other is where you check out with all your fantastical goodies.

Everyone raves about bookstores like The Last Bookstore in LA, but then there are hidden gems like this. I wish more people knew about them, but also don't want them to get too popular and crowded. 

This is one of those places that you can visit over and over and still not see everything. Every inch of the space is packed with amazing stuff. It is touted as an "artificial bird sanctuary" and this was probably the best part to me, because each section has a signature group of birds overhead and smaller versions of those birds that you can "rescue". Those blue tags you see are attached to birds available for rescue for just $8.

Each section is small, but full of gifts, decor, artificial foliage,  books, games, and educational items.

Not sure what to read? That's okay. There are tables full of bestsellers, new books, and staff picks.

My absolute favorite part of Writer's Block are the tiny library-like offices that are so full of wonderful things. This is where employees sit and can offer you help and suggestions. They look like little holiday spots and must be lovely to work in, because you're out of the way, and have your own teeny oasis that you get paid to hang out in.

I took a few videos walking around the store, but I guarantee that you still won't get a sense of just how awesome this shop is. 2 steps in, I already knew I'd be back. It's also on a nice quiet street in Downtown Las Vegas, with free parking in the back, or affordable street parking all around. 

And of course I had to "rescue" a little bird as a take-home souvenir. Their stories are hilarious and you can read Jazmin's autobirdography here. She's pretty full of herself. I can't wait to go back and rescue more. 

At the end of your visit, above the register, you can read the pledge you should take before leaving with your new rescue(s). Eric was very disappointed that they didn't make me recite it when I paid.

What are some of your favorite bookstores, either where you live or from your travels?

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