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Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022

Every year in October, I run 31 days of Halloween posts on my Facebook page. I love posting about cool, creepy, haunting things you can do (or avoid) on your travels and October is the best time to really post all those things. If you missed any of my posts or just aren't on Facebook, I like to do a round-up here for all those things. Enjoy 31 Halloween posts: 

Every year in October, I run 31 days of Halloween posts on Facebook. I post about cool, creepy, haunting things you can do (or avoid) on your travels.

1. Looking for some spooky season inspiration? Here's a haunted hotel road trip map that includes a hotel from every state from HalloweenCostumes.

2. October is a great time to get into some cool spooky podcasts. Here are 3 of my favorites:
Chasing Immortality - each episode is about real people throughout history who have tried to cheat death.
13 Days of Halloween - nearly 2 weeks of a serial scary story that will keep you guessing until the end. You can catch up on the last two seasons before starting this season.
Eli Roth's History of Horror Uncut - the full interviews with horror icons, writers, and directors talking about their own movies and their other favorites.

3. Do you know about the ghost stories that originate in your state? Or want to learn about those of other states? Check THESE out from People.

4. The UK is chock FULL of ghost stories and haunted history. Here are some of the most haunted hotels in the region.

5. I love a ghost tour and I never pass up a chance to go on one when on a trip. You can learn a lot about a city from their ghost stories. One of the best tours we've been on was in New Orleans.

6. Do you know the origins of your beloved pumpkin spice latte or apple cider doughnuts? Would you LIKE to? Check out these stories.

7. Do you want to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Dracula's publication? Take a trip on the new Dracula Trail and explore the areas where Bram Stoker brought our favorite vampire to "life".

8. Cruises may seem like they are a great deal, especially with sales, but don't let your relaxing vacation turn into a nightmare with the horror of hidden expenses.

9. Can't get away for Halloween? Why not travel to the best place in your state to celebrate?

10. Halloween is actually becoming more popular in Europe. Here are Halloween traditions worth traveling for.
11. There's nothing more terrifying than getting scammed on vacation. Learn the 10 most common scams, so you're prepared to keep yourself safe.

12. Is one of your biggest fears traveling alone? It's okay. You aren't alone, even though you literally ARE alone. Learn to connect with others and yourself and have a great solo trip.

13. Does traveling make you nervous? Do you have anxiety? Calm your nerves and make sure your next flight is awesome...or at least tolerable.

14. Looking to have a ghostly encounter? Here are 9 haunted hotels you can actually stay in!

15. Nothing is worse than eating at the airport and realizing you made a bad choice. I'm a big fan of food, but also of bringing my own snacks on the plane. Here are 7 foods you should avoid at the airport before you next flight.

16. We've all heard myths and legends of monsters and people disappearing in forests. Here are some of the scariest forest legends.

17. Ever seen a super creepy statue? Do you love them? Find more on your future travels.

18. Did you know you can dine among the dead in cemeteries, mortuaries, and even crypts? You totally can with this list.

19. A lot of bars are purported to be haunted, which can be fun, especially when relaxing with a drink, but these are the MOST haunted (supposedly).

20. There's a lady in England that has amassed a large amount of "retired" mannequins. Like a large amount. Like a MOUNTAIN of mannequins. She'll even sell you one, if you want, or, you know, a trunk-full.

21. I love abandoned buildings and hotels are no different. While I always think the worst, I still want to visit them and explore weird hallways and rooms...in the daytime. Here are some creepy, abandoned hotels across the U.S.

22. Have you ever been to a ghost town? A proper one? I've been to a small one, but I long to see more of them, and this list is full of cool ones.

23. October's a wonderful time to visit farms. Not just to pick up pumpkins and drink apple cider and pet animals, but also to get lost in corn mazes, because they're awesome. Even the haunted ones. I assume. I'm, uh, not doing those.

24. I just learned about Dumb Cake and I'm super intrigued by this historically weird (and probably not that good) cake that tells your future. Proceed with caution and your spookiest friends.

25. Some people are superstitious. Some whole cultures are superstitious. Do they always make sense? No. Do people still do them? Absolutely.

26. Some beaches are beautiful and some are downright dangerous. Here's how to avoid the bad ones and where to go instead, so your beach holiday doesn't turn into a nightmare.

27. Ever heard of Ragamuffin Day? It was the precursor to Halloween, but on Thanksgiving. It sort of makes sense that a day of excess would bring out some beggers, so learn a bit about this forgotten holiday that was pushed aside by what we now know as Halloween.

28. One of the scariest things to me is thinking about accidentally doing something bad while on vacation and landing in some foreign jail. I imagine it could be better or worse than going to jail or prison in your own country, depending on where you are, but I try to be extra good while traveling.

29. You've seen me touting the beauty of graveyards and cemeteries, both here and on my Instagram. If you're a lover of burial grounds, these are some of the ones worth visiting on your journeys. I've been to both Boot Hill in Arizona and St. Louis No. 1 in New Orleans, and I hope to get to the others at some point.

30. Did you know that there's this whole tradition of making pot pies that look like people? Dead people, obvs. They're creepy. They're creative. They're perfect for Halloween, with their edible hair and delicious ingredients.

31. You made it! Happy Halloween! Think you know where the Capitol of Halloween is? The tops in tradition? The place you'll want to go to get scared? It's probably nowhere you've ever heard of, but now you're going to want to put it on your travel wish list for some future October to immerse yourself in all the Halloween you can handle.

I hope you enjoyed my daily posts with my favorite holiday in mind. What are your favorite things to do for Halloween?

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