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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Gift a Foreign Language This Year

We are big fans of giving and getting experiences for the holidays. Not only do we not need anymore stuff, experiences generally let us spend more time together. It's like giving memories. We've given tours, escape rooms, and more over the years. With so much about on-time delivery questionable right now, giving an experience is also easy to print and put into a card or send by email. 

It can be difficult to figure out what to get for everyone on your list, and knowledge is always a great gift, plus lessons can be fun.

I got excited last year about going on bigger trips this year, including going to France, so I gifted ourselves a lifetime subscription to a language service, that way we could learn French this year and then other languages for future travel. If you have other recipients who love to see the world and want to feel as much as a local as they can, then gifting them a language is useful, fun, and easy to pack. 

Which language-learning services do I recommend? Keep reading!

I have always had good luck with Pimsleur. I like that the lessons build on one another and get progressively more complex. You learn words and then phrases which can be really useful when you're in a new city. I know much of the world speaks English, but it's nice to know the local language when you can, because it shows that you're trying. I've used both Spanish and French Pimsleur lessons and I highly recommend them for ease of learning wherever you are and the use of repetition so you recall things more easily. 

You can learn to speak a new language, with an authentic accent, in 30 days from just $14.95. 

If your gift recipient (or you, I'm not gonna judge.) might need a little extra help with learning something new, Babbel offers live online classes, podcasts, games, videos, and short lessons. It gives them a whole arsenal of tools in which to soak up the most knowledge. Babbel Online has a tiered learning system, so wherever you are in your vocabulary expertise, you can find the class that's perfect for your level. 

Unlimited access to the app and online classes start at just $6.95/month when you purchase a whole year, or pay a little more if you would rather pay twice a year, quarterly, or monthly.

It can be difficult to figure out what to get for everyone on your list, especially people who seem like they already have everything. Well, knowledge is always a great gift, plus these lessons can be fun and something the whole family can engage in. Happy gift-giving!

Do you have a favorite language learning app, service, or game?

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links that may result in my compensation should you make a purchase through those links. This allows me to keep bringing you useful content and I thank you in advance.

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