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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Travel Items To Grab During Prime Day(s)

Once a year, Amazon Prime Day comes around, though it now stretches over two days. This year Prime day is July 11-12, which is great if you're planning a vacation soon and you need some stuff for it. I've been checking out what useful travel goodies are included and I made a list for inspiration:

I'm never going to be the person who pays hundreds of dollars for earbuds, especially when I'm so hard on the ones I already own or might lose on a trip. Buy these for a fraction of the price of others, with great sound quality and fun colors. $24.99 (50% off!)

If you don't want to lug around your laptop and your phone is too tiny for things that are bigger than Wordle and email, this Fire tablet is a winner. Look at directions, book reservations, carry all your books, and play games and movies. Plus it's lightweight and fits really easily into your carry-on or personal item. $89.99 ($100 off!)

Need a new carry-on or weekend warrior bag? This little wheelie bag has enough room for the basics, plus some snacks, and fits under the airplane seat, so all your belongings are with you every step of your trip. It also has big sturdy handles to carry down the plane aisle, which I'm always a huge fan of. $69.22 for Navy color (almost 50% off)

Going further or longer or need to pack for several people? All my larger carry-on bags are hardside now, because you can't overpack it to where it won't fit in the overhead, it's much more durable, and you're much less likely to have a a disastrous spillage issue or rain incident. Samsonite makes awesome luggage and I love the dividers in this one. $122 ($39% off!) -- If you're on a tight budget, but still want a great new piece of luggage, check out the Wrangler Hardside Spinner at $39 (25% off)

I love a good packing cube and I love ones that come in smaller, but still useful sizes, so I can pack small in a smaller bag, like a weekender. These slim cubes are ones I would use solely for my own travels or for underwear or children's clothes on travels with others, but they're a definite game-changer. $17.55 (35% off)

If you travel with more than you or want to take a little more, I swear by compression packing cubes. They fit so much better into your bag, because you pack them like usual, then double zip them, so they take up half the space. You get three different sizes, so you can easily keep track of everything in your bag. $26 (21% off)

Amazon Essentials Women's Short-Sleeve Maxi Dress
It's always nice to have a basic black dress for dressing up or down on vacation. Lounge around your vacation rental, wear it as a cover-up to the pool, or add some fun jewelry and go out to dinner. $20.18 (25% off) -- If maxi is not the length for you, check out the AE Swing Dress.

Add a lightweight layer for warmth that also looks great whatever your activity. Sometimes the weather turns, the evenings get chilly, or the plane is like a freezer. Be ready for it with this easy, packable outwear piece. $22.43 (25% off)

Want to watch a video on your phone, but don't want to break your neck looking down at it? Use this mount that works with the seatback tray, so you can watch it at eye level instead. $10.96 (39% off)

Ever have issues with your cables and plugs either getting lost somewhere in your bag, or tangled together, or somehow jumbled up with other things in your bag? No more! I never travel without a bag that fits all my electronics charges, cables, and bits and bobs. It, literally, makes you feel like you've got your ish together, like an adult traveler. $9.85 (38% off)

I kind of live in a good tee and having a couple for vacation are essential to me, because they can be worn alone or easily layered, so they work in all weather. I find a v-neck is more flattering for me, and Prana is a wonderful brand that makes pieces that are great looking, high quality, and moisture-wicking. It also comes in SO. MANY. COLORS. though only the black is on super sale. $15.57 (65% off!)

Never leave home without a power bank to keep you phone or other small electronics charged when in transit. This comes with two, in different colors, that both can change two things at once, so everyone will have power all day long. $19.99 (44% off)

Heading to the beach, or camping, or off to college? Turkish towels are the best for travel, because they are lightweight, super absorbent, easily packable, and so versatile. Use them as a regular towel, a sarong, a picnic blanket, a tablecloth, a blanket. This deal comes with two! $20 (25% off)

Keep all those amazing vacay photos in one place and save space on your phone with this huge flash drive. Add everyone's pics at the end of each day and start fresh the next day. Regular price $45.99

Do you want to do a bit of work or make it easier to reply to emails on your phone or iPad? Get a folding keyboard that fits right in your day bag and carry-on. It has a fingerpad, so you can mouse your way around the tiny screen, which I really love. It comes with a lightweight phone stand that you can use for a tablet as well. Regular price $58.99

I hope these help you get a good start on your next trip(s), whether it's a road trip, a weekend at the beach, Disney with the fam, or a romantic European getaway. Let us know in the comments where you're going next!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will be monetarily compensated. Your purchases enable me to keep this blog running and bringing you great travel tips, trends, and product reccs, so thanks in advance.

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