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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Common Travel Nightmares

I don't worry about too much when I am on vacation, but I'm a thorough planner and Eric and I are pretty good about having a plan and not separating without knowing where the other will be at any given time. I've shared with you in the past my literal travel nightmares. Generally, we roll with other issues, because not everything goes as planned, so while it might be disappointing, it's not a nightmare for us, but it's interesting to see what other people consider a nightmare:

I don't worry about too much when I am on vacation, but sometimes things happen and you can decide if it's an adventure or a nightmare.
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We just went on a trip where it rained almost the whole time and we had to change plans, because it sucked to be outside for long periods. Our rental car was cancelled before we arrived when we went to San Francisco earlier this year. We've stayed in some gross hotels, and once slept in our car at a campsite when there weren't any vacancies. I've been sick on vacation, gotten hopelessly lost, had a fight with my travel companion(s), missed my flight and had to fly standby,  and had such choppy water that our cruise ship couldn't dock. We had our rental car broken into on two trips, and only the first seemed like a nightmare, because Eric had to spend half the day at the police station, where they had to find someone who could speak English well enough to take his statement, and his phone had been stolen, so I had no idea if he was okay or not until he returned to the hotel. 

The point is, things will happen that you didn't, or couldn't have, planned for, and what matters is how you deal with it. Few things will make or break an entire vacation and be an actual nightmare. You can learn a lot from things when they go wrong. Luckily, we've never had a real emergency on a trip, and when things get cancelled or we've had to pivot, those have been some of our most interesting days. One example is when we went to London, there was a tornado overnight (I wish I was making that up) and trees were down all over the city, so we missed our train to go on a tour of the Cotswolds and we ended up going to Kew Gardens, which was also closed, getting breakfast at a lovely coffee shop, and then exploring Holland Park for half the day. 

I hope your trips don't end up being nightmares and you learn to roll with the punches when things aren't great. Remember to take some time apart from your travel companion(s) and to eat. Everything feels like the worst thing when I am hungry and I'm mean and take everything personally. Have some high protein snacks with you while you're out. 

What bad things have happened to you on vacation?

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