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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Splurge and Save Gift List 2023

The holidays are fast approaching and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales will be coming soon, if they aren't already here. I wanted to give you some alternatives to expensive items that may not be in your budget or you may just rather spend more money on your actual trip than just getting there. Get ready for your holiday travel or get a jump on your gift list.

The holidays are coming and I wanted to give you some alternatives to expensive travel items that may not be in your budget.

If an Away bag has been on your list, or you want to get a great piece of luggage as a gift and this is out of your price range, never fear. Yes, the Away carry-on is a luxury travel accessory, but there's not much that makes it worth the high price tag. Instead, check out these 3 alternatives, that also have a USB port, nice organization, those coveted spinner wheels, and the hardside body that is great for keeping your belongings safe and to keep you from overpacking. 

The Mixi 20" has the added bonus of having a cup holder and phone shelf. It's $100 cheaper at $189.99.

The Luggex 20" has a front pocket for your laptop and an expandable body, in case you find you've purchased too much on your trip.

The Kroser 20" is also expandable and has extra organization in the zipper divider, which makes packing so much easier.

Sure, you could pay to fly first-class, but then you won't have that money to spend on your trip. Instead, these gadgets give you a little more luxury in your economy seat, and even if you upgrade to an extra legroom seat, you'll still save a ton of money.

Just want to get on the plane and crash? You're not alone. We all want to be comfy, but most of us don't want to roll up in our pjs, even if we're going to spend much of our plane time sleeping. Look put together and feel like you're in your pjs with a coordinated lounge set.

Block out all the noise of others, and any light, with a bluetooth headphones mask. Fall asleep to your favorite podcast or music or a Ted Talk you downloaded. One thing's for sure, nobody will try to talk to you with this on.

Always have a bevvy handy when you bring your own with this insulated bottle from Brita. It filters out 99% of impurities in the water wherever you go, so you never have an excuse for not hydrating. The filter fits in the straw, so if you decide to fill your bottle with another cold liquid, you can take it out until you empty and clean it and use it for water again. 

You may not have a bunch of extra space at your non-first class seat, but that doesn't mean you can't make extra room. Keep everything you want right within reach without keeping your tray table down in order to do it. You won't even need to put everything away when someone needs to get up to use the restroom. Airplane Pockets are the handiest things we own for flights of all lengths. It is anti-bacterial and fits over the tray table (one of the grossest surfaces of a plane) and has a bunch of pockets - small ones for your phone, glasses, pen, book, and a big one for magazines, your coat or travel blanket, and your headphones. 

Sleep like a baby and save your neck and back from the dreaded airplane seat scrunch. The Face Cradle is the best pillow I've ever used for travel. You attach it to the headrest behind you, open it as much as you want, adjust the straps and then lean right into it and fall asleep. You can also use it for "side" sleeping. Either adjust from the regular position and rest it at your shoulder, or you can attach it to the armrest instead. See us using it both ways. You might think it sounds expensive, but you can't put a price on good sleep + this will last you years, making it worth every penny.

When you need a soft place to put your feet on a plane, you don't really have many options, unless you try to use your underseat bag, which is always awkward. Get yourself a padded foot hammock and then you don't have to put your feet on the dirty floor either. The strap fits over the tray, then you close it up and voila! Use it other places, too, including the train, bus, ferry boats, the airport, and even your office or car backseat. 

This is not the end of my travel gift list, I'll have an official one up just in time for Black Friday sales, even though they have already started and seem to start earlier every year. 

What are some of the things you are hoping to find sales on this year?

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