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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Happy Holidays!

I know it's only the 23rd, but I'm taking some time for myself and family over the holidays. I hope you all have your gifts taken care of, or you had a great Hanukkah, or you just have a wonderful weekend if you don't celebrate. 

I'll be back after Christmas to bring you more travel tips, but for now, here are some quick, last-minute tips for traveling at this time.

I'll be back after Christmas to bring you more travel tips, but for now, here are some quick, last-minute tips for traveling at this time:

  • Wear a mask on the plane and probably in the airport. It's crowded out there and half the people I know are sick with something. Being sick while traveling is the absolute worst. Wash your hands frequently and bring hand sanitizer, too.
  • Get to the airport early: 3 hours early, if you can. You don't want to get bumped because you got stuck in traffic or the security line is 3 miles long or any number of other things.
  • Pack snacks! 
  • If you're checking a bag (which I do not recommend, especially during this time of year), make sure any meds you need are in your carry-on.
  • Don't wrap your gifts if they're in your carry-on.
  • Pack your patience! This is the busiest time to fly and it's not going to be pretty. There will be delays. There will be cancellations and rebookings. They might be your flights. Be prepared. Everyone's doing their best and it's not the flight crew or the desk attendant's fault. Please don't take it out on them.
  • Did your mom make enough food for 3 households and is now trying to make you bring leftovers home? Here's how you can take them on the plane.

While you're waiting at the airport for 17 hours, get a jump start on your next big trip and learn a new language with Babbel. It's easy and fun and you can buy a lifetime subscription, so you can be fluent in all the languages you want for all the trips you plan to take. Take 60% off now until January 15th.

If you're driving, please be safe. With over 115 million people expected to travel, and almost 90% by car, it's going to be crazy out there. For more driving tips, AAA has you covered.

I hope the end of this year is a welcome sight to those of you who had a hard year, and I hope 2024 is much more gentle on everyone. (If you must spend this time with problematic or unkind family, here are some ways to help you power through.) If you want to see more of my last-minute holiday activities, you can follow me on Instagram

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through them, I may be financially compensated. This is free to you and helps me continue to run this blog, so thanks in advance.

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