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Saturday, December 30, 2023

2024 Travel Resolutions

Can you believe it's already 2 days to the new year? Crazy! Everything feels like it went by so fast. I both don't remember what was this year and last, and also feel like I did a ton of stuff this year (which I did). This December has been a whirlwind of activity, while we tried to get to a lot of the special holiday markets, pop-ups, and other activities we usually miss. It's been awesome.

A look back at 2023 and what's to come in travel for me in 2024, including my resolutions for the New Year.

We did 5 holiday markets, a few pop-ups, checked out the winter ice rink they set up downtown that will run through January (we didn't skate), stopped to enjoy the indoor snow at the mall, got our photo taken with TWO Santas, we drove through a big light display, saw this year's gingerbread castle at a local hotel, set-up, attended, and took down Yule Ball, and supported a ton of local artists during this. The month isn't over yet. We had a friend in town and visited two dining spots that we rarely get to, and today we're headed to Peacock Lane, Portland's Christmas street. 

Gingerbread Castle at the Benson Hotel

So, let's get on to 2024 then: On the first, we'll be meeting Krampus. A little late, but that's okay. He'll be at a home museum of an artist I really enjoy, where we'll be taking a tour. On the seventh, we'll be doing brunch and having our annual White Elephant with friends. 

As for the rest of the year, a lot of it is kind of up in the air, which is odd for us. We had planned to go to The Big Island next month, but the stars did not align and there didn't appear to be any good flight deals at all this year like last year. Other factors also came into play. It's okay though, we will get there eventually. 

In March, the Travel Goods Show is returning to Vegas. I don't know what happened to Chicago, but it doesn't appear on their website anywhere. I won't complain, because Las Vegas is much easier and cheaper for me to get to. I'll hit that up, see some family and friends, eat a bunch of delicious food, and, hopefully, come home with a bunch of great stuff to tell you about.

In July, LeakyCon is coming back to Portland, so the first weekend we'll be there. Later that month, we're heading to Sacramento for a short week to do some sightseeing and go to a family reunion. This'll be the first time we've actually spent any significant time in the city. 

We just decided that we'll be hitting up Nashville in September. It'll be the first time I've been back in decades, so it's basically like my first time visiting. It seems like it'll still be summer weather, which is different than where we usually travel at the same time. 

We might try to get back to British Columbia sometime in there, but that'll be something we decide later. 

We're going to try to get back to Destination Date Nights if we can. We tried to bring back Destination Potlucks, but they weren't that popular, so we'll get back to doing them alone. 

As always, I'm hoping to do some new things, eat new foods, meet new people, and just generally enjoy life, whether that's at home or on my travels. Those are my resolutions for 2024 and beyond, because they bring me the most joy and they are important for me to accomplish. 

Do you have resolutions for the coming year? Whether or not they're travel-related, tell me in the comments. 

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