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Saturday, February 3, 2024

How to Do Mardi Gras at Home

Most of us are not going to headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but that doesn't mean you can't get in on the celebrations. There are tons of places that have festivities and you can even do your own at home like we have for several years. 

There are tons of places that have Mardi Gras festivities and you can even do your own at home like we have for several years.

Here are some ideas for your Mardi Gras staycation:

Throw your own Fat Tuesday party

Invite all your friends and celebrate the last day before Lent with food and beads and drinks and photos. Get a backdrop that everyone can take their pictures in front of. I love this one that's sparkly and in the traditional Mardi Gras colors. You can also get a backdrop of Bourbon Street, so you feel like you're in The Big Easy. Decorate the rest of your space, so it's over the top. Get a set of signs and street lamps and some big floats - or get a box, or several boxes, and create your own floats at home with your guests. This lady has the quickest and easiest tutorial for all the things you might want for your float - and a ton of beads

Have your friends bring their own dish, or make food yourself, or get takeout, if you have a Cajun or Creole place near you. Head to your nearest Party City or other party store for colorful platters and bowls and cheap drinking cups. I'm partial to the aluminum Ball cups, because they keep stuff really cold and they are recyclable. Throw some of these flashing cube lights into cups for more party atmosphere. They light up as soon as they touch liquid. Maybe have everyone bring their favorite hot sauce and you can do a tasting. 

Set the tone before folx even step into your house with yard signs, bunting on your porch railing (or maybe a lot more beads <---these have a $10 off coupon right now). Here's how I used beads all over last year for my Mardi Gras party. I got a lot of boring regular ones and then picked up some fancy ones at my local Dollar Tree. Or maybe you just want some banners to hang around your door. 

Make a YouTube playlist of Mardi Gras parades to play in the background, throw on some zydeco music, and mix up some mint juleps. Don't forget the King Cake! I also like to place some signs with fun facts around the party, because I always like to learn new things. 

Go to your nearest parade

Not all cities have a Mardi Gras parade, but a lot of them do. I just learned last year that Portland has one. Check your local calendar and you might be surprised. If you are near any of these places or want to road trip, check out these best parades.

Start planning your trip for next year

If, like me, you've never been to Mardi Gras (though I highly recommend going just after, because airfare and hotel rates are much lower and the weather is gorgeous and not that humid) then you probably need some tips. Now, I've been to Mardi Gras World, so I learned a lot of what to do and not to do, but it's still not going to the parades. Learn some general first-timer tips from Lonely Planet and then these more specific tips from locals.

Learn about the consequences of Mardi Gras

Did you know that parades in just New Orleans create hundreds of tons of trash? The majority of that trash is beads, but it also consists of throws that spectators catch and leave behind. There's a group looking to change that. The Grounds Krewe has been collecting and recycling beads for years and are offering eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and foam throws that are becoming more popular among the parade krewes.

Now you're ready to laissez le bon temps rouler (let the good times roll) wherever you are. I hope you have a great Mardi Gras!

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