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Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Anatomie Designer Travel Clothes

If there’s one thing I have a problem with when it comes to travel clothing it is that it’s not always very attractive. You may not always want to look like you’re on safari or ready to hike through the rainforest, so you may not be looking at your local outdoor store for items to stock your travel bag. Luckily, not all travel clothes are created equal. With Anatomie Wear, you’ll look more like you’re ready to board a yacht than be the host on Survivor.

Photo courtesy of Anatomie
As you know, I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity and Anatomie shares those same values. They don’t have the largest selection of travel clothes for women, but what they do have works together to create a gorgeous travel wardrobe. They are by no means cheap clothes, but they are attractive and indestructible, meaning you can wear these classic pieces for many years. The longer they last, the more value you’ll get out of them. I own a lot of active wear and it’s discouraging when you find them starting to fade after several washes. One of the things that attracted me to Anatomie, besides how pretty they are, was the review that I saw that claimed they washed their pants at least 100 times and they still look brand new. That’s hard to find.

Getting on board with the nautical trend that is carrying over from last year, I chose a navy palette for my Anatomie outfit. I was really excited to try out the SusanSkinnies and the MonteCarlo long sleeve top. I’ve shown them together and separate, so you can see that not only will they work with other Anatomie items, but they can integrate into your current wardrobe. That’s great if you can’t afford more than a few pieces at a time.

The Susan Skinnies are one of the best pairs of travel pants I’ve encountered. They are true to size, look and feel great, plus they weigh less than you expect, which means they will take up very little room in your carry-on. The have a great fit that isn’t too tight or too loose, they make my butt look good and they don’t make the swish-swish noise like some quick-dry travel pants do.

I love the zipper details on the pockets and the legs. I’ve worn these to work and they were super comfortable sitting at a desk all day. Even though they can work for a dressy occasion, they can also be casual-looking if you throw on a tank top or t-shirt. If you’re traveling somewhere cold, you can still pack these pants. Invest in some base bottom layers to throw on under them. You’ll look put together and keep warm.

Photo courtesy of Anatomie

Here are the other features you’re going to love about the Susan Skinnies (and all other Anatomie pants):
  • They never wrinkle!
  • They are stain-resistant.
  • They only weigh 6 oz.
  • They are ultra-quick-drying - Anatomie claims they can be dried in 10 mins!
  • They are made from the finest fabrics.
  • They have stretch to make them even more comfortable.

You can never go wrong with resort wear. It looks good on everyone and, unless you are vacationing somewhere cold, it works for just about any trip. The navy and white Monte Carlo top will be a fabulous addition to your travel bag and will look perfect next to the pool and at a romantic dinner. It pairs soft viscose with mesh to show some skin and create interest. Throw it on over your bikini top or a tank top for two totally different looks that both make you look like a million bucks.

While you can wear the Monte Carlo with your Susan Skinnies, it also elevates the look of a simple pair of Bermudas. Mixing and matching is incredibly important to packing light and if you only buy a few pieces of Anatomie Wear, I’d definitely suggest a pair of pants, a pair of shorts and a tank. It’s easy to branch out with these staple pieces and they will still look as good as when you first bought them when you add new items to your Anatomie collection. More luxurious pieces, like the Monte Carlo, can go far as well, as they are multi-functional. With the lightweight nature of their clothing, you can pack eight coordinating pieces, easily, in a carry-on and still have room left for your sunscreen, beauty products, accessories and several pairs of shoes. What girl doesn’t want to pack more if they can?

So, if you want to look fantastic and feel comfortable on your travels, make sure you check out Anatomie clothing. As I say with so many other things, the prices aren’t cheap, but the clothing is made for the long haul. Whether you are hard on your travel clothing or not, it’s hard to turn your nose up at the word “indestructible”. These are pieces that can live in your carry-on for many years to come and that you’ll be glad you invested in, because they don’t look like you skimped on them at all.

My size: I am wearing the Susan Skinnies and the Monte Carlo in size small. I’m 51 and weigh ~115 lbs.

More information
Where you can buy it: AnatomieWear Online
Other colors they comes in: 
            Susan Skinnies: Grey, Black
            Monte Carlo: Black/Tan, Red/White
How much they cost: 
            Susan Skinnies: $199
            Monte Carlo: $175

Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of Susan Skinny pants and a Monte Carlo top for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.
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