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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Feel Pretty and Witty and Gay* 7.9.11

We've talked about romantic travel, family travel, travel with little ones, but we have never talked about gay travel. It can sometimes be hard enough to find places that are affordable, but possibly even harder to find those that are gay-friendly and let you feel comfortable being yourself. Amazingly, there are a lot of accepting destinations for those that are in a same-sex relationship or looking to get into one on vacation. I mean, who doesn't find a travel fling exciting...and if it turns into something more, even better. Vacations are all about having fun, so everyone wants to go where they can let their hair down and get a little wild. Which brings us back to the topic: How to find an affordable and gay-friendly destinations, accommodations, dining options and activities.

I would love the world to be tolerant of all lifestyles (as long as they don't hurt others) and that a gay travel website was active to let gay travelers know which destinations, restaurants, bars and shops were the best, but since we don't live in an ideal world, it does help to have sites like the the up-and-coming website called GayTravelBuddy which has some fantastic resources for travelers. Written by actual travelers, the website has been around for around a year, and gives first-had suggestions on hotels to stay in, restaurants to eat at, where to go and what to do. While there is plenty of room for them to grow, GayTravelBuddy has some really candid reviews of places other gay travelers recommend as well as news, info and festivals within the gay travel world. Right now, much of the info is on San Francisco's can't-miss Pride Celebration that wrapped up last month, but you can also find info on worldwide destinations with dining, beaches, nightclubs, coffee shops and stores to seek out. They have the most info on major vacation spots like the San Francisco Castro Area, New York City, San Diego Hillcrest Area and Las Vegas Area, but there are plenty of other travel destinations available as well.

If you love to party, there is an extensive list of gay bars for anywhere you want to go. Heading to Las Vegas, there are plenty of hot spots to choose from! What about Spain? Say "Ole!" to Madrid and dance the night away at some of these awesome nightclubs. Whether you are looking to run with the younger gay crowd or want a romantic B&B getaway, GayTravelBuddy has suggestions for you. I would recommend checking out the suggestions and then coming back here to use my list of handy travel links on the right to find a deal on the accommodations, activities, airfare to get there or to find discounts on shopping and dining. Remember, not all the places suggested are exclusively gay or merely gay "tolerant", but gay inclusive and friendly, which is what we all want. Go where you can be yourself and have a fantastic vacation. 

Even I'm finding some fun suggestions on GayTravelBuddy, like Hunky's in Dallas. I'm a lover of onion rings and giant burgers and I've been known to frequent gay establishments in my home city of Portland, so why not in other cities? My husband and I are always up to hang with a fun crowd of any persuasion. Whether we're out with friends having brunch or going out dancing, we are always looking for a good time and I can tell that GTB can keep the good times coming for anyone looking to have them.

*I apologize if this title offends any of my gay travel friends. It was meant to be cheeky and fun.

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  1. After living in Portland for the last year and Seattle before that it's not hard to forget that it's not so friendly everywhere. I think in addition to vegan friendliness I my try to include some info on the gay community from time to time as my wife and I travel the US.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks Robert! I am lucky to live in a very welcoming and accommodating part of the world. I know that there are a lot of places out there that just don't get it. It's nice to have sources for travelers of all kinds. Happy Travels!


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