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Monday, June 11, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Runnur Mini Backpack

Do you ever feel weighted down with bags just about everywhere you go? You need to carry stuff with you, but purses are for girls, fanny packs are uncool and you can only put so much in your pockets before your pants start falling off. I often carry a small purse on trips - and more often larger ones - but there are so many places we go that I just wish I were hands-free, but still had my essentials. You probably go to many of these places, too: the dog park, the airport, biking, hiking, theme parks, anywhere you have a baby with you... The list goes on and on. This is why I was so thrilled to find the Runnur.  They market it as a mini backpack, but it's way more awesome than any backpack I've ever owned. It's also more comfortable and doesn't give you nasty pre-calculus flashbacks.

Testing out this fancy new gadget was a no-brainer. I like the design for both men and women, because it's so functional and has a simple look. I, personally, wouldn't try to wear it out to a 5-star restaurant, but I can see it working for some men. I chose the Runnur in medium, so Eric and I could both try it on and give thoughts. As you can see, it works much better for me than him. I was happy with the size, but certainly could have gotten a small and had it work, too. If I planned to do a lot of activities like hiking, the small would fit more snugly and been a better choice. Eric is excited to get a Runnur in large before our next trip.

Let's get to why this product is so great and what's going to make you rush to the website to get one. Obviously, the Runnur was designed for runners, right? I suppose you could use it for running, but this convenient sling that fits like a seatbelt was designed for those on-the-go. The nylon strap makes use of every inch of space, with pockets and loops and a carabiner as well as easy velcro and zipper closure. Eric says it’s effortless to wear and thinks it’s pretty cool and manly. I think the pockets are perfect for carrying everything you need, and then some. I packed mine for an on-the-go gadget geek – like with what I would want to take on a plane. Surprisingly, I would not have been able to get the same items into a similarly sized handbag.

How did I get it all in there? It was easy with all the pockets and slots and holders. The Runnur has a great ID card holder, so you don't have to fumble around for it. It also has a built-in wallet with card slots and separate sections for money and receipts, two velcro pockets for electronics, a bigger velcro pocket with a thick front to keep glasses, or any number of other things from getting crushed, a larger zipper pocket that has room for snacks, your camera, change and makeup. This pouch has a nice reflective strip on it for being seen in the dark. You also have a carabiner to hold keys, pen holders and a mesh pouch for your water bottle. Above you can see what I stuffed in there and following you can see where I put them all.

As you can see, your money and your ID are kept right next to you in highly convenient compartments. Carry all your important things in this wallet pocket, like cash, credit cards, gift cards (for anyone who saves them for vacation), your boarding pass and your passport - or you can use the secret pocket on the inside for your passport. Sneaky! Having them right there will eliminate thievery and since you are keeping everything in the Runnur, you can save time emptying your pockets at airport security and just place it right into a bin and put it right back on when you exit. Simple!

These two pockets are great sizes and can easily fit a point and shoot digital camera and my smartphone with case that makes it even fatter than usual. I didn't even have to wrestle it out when I wanted to use it - my favorite part! The nylon fabric makes sure things don't stick and will slide easily in and out.

Like to carry keys or one of those tiny flashlights or even a reusable grocery tote that packs into itself? This carabiner is pretty handy. I will admit that walking around with keys jangling can be sort of annoying, but you certainly won't lose them and will always know where they are. If you'd rather, you can put them in the zippered pouch.

Eric loves taking his DS with him everywhere he goes, and would totally use the Runnur to carry it around. He'd also be able to carry extra games and a spare stylus, but I generally have one puzzle game that I'm playing, so I filled my larger pouch with a healthy snack, pressed powder and tinted lip balm. I don't like to be shiny, hungry or chapped. I also don't like to be thirsty, so this mesh bottle holder is a perfect addition! 

Now, as convenient as I think this would be for travel, it would also be awesome for physical activities. Fill it with a bottle of sports beverage, snacks and first aid supplies. My first thought when I saw the Runnur was that it was amazing for theme park travel. Now, I didn't jump up and down and stand on my head to test out whether or not items would fall out if I did, but the closures are so well made, I wouldn't be worried that they would fail. Leave it on while on rides or put it in the pocket in front of your seat. I like to hold on to my stuff so I don't forget it, so another option is to wear it around your waist during crazy rides and then wear it normally again once you get off. You always want to keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated, your camera to capture memories, sunscreen to keep from getting scorched and snacks to hold you over until mealtimes. 
The Runnur is lightweight and foam-filled, to make it comfortable to wear against your body. It also features a non-slip shoulder strap that is contoured to fit your curves. Eric can't wait to get his to wear while out bike riding. I wish I had one over Memorial Weekend when we were hiking the lava cave, because it would have been so much more comfortable than my usual cross-body bag, and I would have had somewhere to put my water bottle. Have I convinced you yet? If not, maybe this video from Runnur will help:

Additional information
Where you can buy it: On the GoRunner website
How much it costs: $39 - and they ship internationally!
Colors it comes it: Canvas, Plum, Black w/ Red Stitching, Silver (the one I have on) and Solid Black.

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I was provided with a Runnur for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. This looks fantastic for plane travel!

  2. I've had mine for about two months now, been on several planes and make the security check a breeze! No more emptying pockets, just slip it over my head but it in a bin and GO! Love this! Thanks Runnur!!

  3. This is so cool! I would wear my runnur to BlogHer '12- so I can keep everything close, and my hands free :)

  4. This would be useful in so many situations.

  5. This is best for travel. like it .

  6. I would wear it during travel.

  7. I'd wear it. Everywhere. I love how it looks!

  8. This would be perfect for riding my bike to work, getting through security and for those times when my hands are full and can't carry another thing (grandchildren).

  9. This would be great for a music festival

    theresa j

  10. Giant's baseball games.

  11. Disney Theme Parks with my Service Dog so she won't have to carry my stuff too. She has to carry her stuff.

  12. I would wear Runnur to hockey games, the Formula 1 race in Austin, and Black Friday shopping! And pretty much everywhere else... :)

  13. This would be perfect for my teen with autism. He carries a bunch of electronics and little comfort items in a book-bag he continually looses. This would be perfect for him


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