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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Post: How to Enjoy A Budget Holiday In Greece

Greece and the Greek Islands have always been one of the most popular holiday destinations throughout Europe. While the current state of the economy is obviously a shame for the people of the country, what it does mean is that lucky tourists are able to get some absolutely amazing deals to take advantage of during their trip.

Greece Photos
The beach (FreeSpiritBolton, May 2010)
Not only are the package holidays themselves available at hugely discounted prices, but other things such as car hire and day excursions when you get there come dirt cheap, too. Prices in restaurants and bars can be a little more hit and miss, with many out to get whatever they can out of unsuspecting tourists, although in fairness there are not many who behave in this way.

Where to Avoid
If you are looking to holiday in the Greek Islands on a budget, then it is best to stick to the tried and tested tourist destinations. Despite continuing to be busy, these areas have suffered the most impact during the Greek economic meltdown and will offer the very best discounts simply so they can get people in the doors and begin making money once again.

Look to avoid destinations that have not usually been popular destinations, such as Mykonos, as they are reverting to a strategy of higher pricing in order to try and attract only wealthier visitors once the economy picks back up.

Greece Photos
Typical Lindian Street (Alphadeltapi, Jun 2010)
Desirable Destinations
If you are looking for a budget holiday, then in all honesty your best bet is still to go to the travel agency a few days before you are looking to go away and snap up the very best last minute deal they have on offer.

Typically, these will be to the most well-known holiday islands in the area, such as Corfu and Rhodes, although you may be able to pick up some great deals from other, lesser known resorts.

At the top of the article, we touched on the cheap cost of car hire, and this is something that everyone should consider in order to get a full appreciation of what the Islands of Greece have to offer. Take advantage of the super cheap rates on offer to explore the whole of your destination island, before perhaps casting your eye further afield.

Greece Photos

This photo of Greece is courtesy of TripAdvisor

There are daily ferries between most of the islands and to the Greek mainland, again at a very reasonable price, so you can spread your wings and experience more of what the Greek islands has to offer at a superb price.

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