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Friday, July 27, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Footzyrolls Foldable Flats

Ballet flats are all the rage right now, as is any shoe that will give your achy feet a break and also look stylish. Footzyrolls is a company formed by two sisters that were tired of having no cute options for when their heels made their feet hurt like nothing else. When you just can’t walk any further, you definitely don’t want to rip your shoes off and go barefoot. Well, you do, but not really outside. You don’t know what kinds of germs lurk out there. So, the sisters put their heads together and came up with shoes that you could throw in your purse that fold up to nearly nothing and really give your feet that comfy feeling of being barefoot, but still giving them a bit of support and a lot of style.

Of course I jumped at the chance to review something that is both on-trend and also a fantastic option to throw in your travel bag that won’t take up much room. My first thought for these foldable, rollable shoes was for long plane rides. I don’t know about you, but I’m the first that wants to kick off their shoes and settle in. People will give you dirty looks when you do it, and walking down the aisle to the bathroom in socks or nothing isn’t a particularly appealing option either. You aren’t at home, after all, and sometimes that bathroom linoleum can feel like a movie theater floor. Ick! Cue, Footzyrolls! Ditch your shoes and slip your feet into an attractive pair of flats. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite slippers, but still look put together.

I was able to test out a pair of the white Boston style of the Luxe line. With the basket-weave look, they are quite striking and would go with almost any outfit you wanted to wear them with in the spring and summer…and if you throw caution to the wind and break all rules about white in the winter months, you could wear them the rest of the year, too, though probably not if you’ll be hiking through the snow.

 Look! Great with a dress or shorts, too.

They are well-constructed and also have a bit of a cushioned foot bed, which I was surprised at for this kind of shoe. Many I’ve seen have no padding, except on the bottoms, so you can wear them outside. This is nice, because it gives you a bit of support and doesn’t make you feel like you are walking on rocks. In fact, I wore them out to dinner and strolling down the street was a pleasant experience, making me think that if you wanted to wear these out sightseeing, they would be a great choice.

They come in this handy pouch!
If you’ll be doing some serious walking around town, you may want to test these out before you leave home, but they would be fabulous for going out and making you look great whether you have on slacks or a dress. They also will take up way less space in a bag than heels or wedges and won’t torture your feet after a long day out walking.

Fold 'em!
Roll 'em!
I’m loving these as an alternative to flip flops, as they look a lot better and don’t make noises when you walk. They go with everything, be it shorts or a frilly skirt. No matter what you do to them, they won’t lose their shape either, so stuff them in your travel bag or toss them in your day bag for when you need a break from your other shoes. They fit snugly and come in size ranges, so if your feet swell while in flight – or after walking 6 miles at the theme park – they will still slip right on and off. You can sport delicate looking Footzyrolls, loafer-esque styles, sporty ones or even cozy, lined winter flats.

3 more styles I'm jonesing for: Komfyz, Hamptons and Gigi


Additional information
Where you can buy them: On the Footzyrolls website.
How much they cost: $22-45 - and they ship internationally!
Colors they comes in: All the colors of the rainbow…and some fun patterns, like gingham and animal print.
Sizes they come in: Select from Small up to Extra Large. Footzyrolls fit ladies US sizes 5 to 11.5.

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Disclosure: I was given a pair of Footzyrolls for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I will buy these to carry on trips. If they are as great as you say, I'll wear them at home and out also.


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