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Friday, July 6, 2012

Review and Giveaway: Travelon Anti-Theft React Weekender

So, Travelon told me I could pick which bag from their new Anti-Theft React collection to review next and I thought I would put it to you to see which you were most interested in, since my reviews are for you guys! You answered – choosing the React Weekender – and Travelon came through with yet another amazing travel bag full of useful pockets and details you’re going to love. Not only can you use the React Weekender for travel, but it would make a fantastic gym, diaper, beach or commuter bag. So, let me just tell you that not only did I put this bag to the test, but I also proved to myself, and hopefully will prove to you, how few items can make an entire travel wardrobe. That said, a lot more than I expected fit in the React Weekender.
The Weekender has one main compartment that has 3 mesh pockets in it for your electronics (or snacks), two side pockets that are shallow enough to not lose things you want instant access to, but deep enough to hold bigger items, and a zipper pocket in the front to hold important items like your boarding pass or wallet. There is a huge side stretchy pocket for a bottle of water and the best addition to every travel bag, an add-a-bag strap that slips over your regular wheeled carry-on’s handle. I hate having to struggle with two bags when I can pop my shoulder bag on top of my bigger one and just breeze through the airport that way. It's so much simpler! Travelon really knows what travelers need and want and that comes across in all their products.

Yup! All THIS fit in that little bag!
So, aside from my packing awesomeness, this bag has everything you hope to have in a travel bag, like wide shoulder straps that don't slip down your arm when you're running from one gate to another.

This fabulous zipper stow pocket that I stashed a fun wristlet in for a night out, but also to hold my passport, money and boarding passes while on-the-go, because it's so much easier to have all those necessities in one place.

This huge inner compartment that holds absolutely everything! Seriously. Look at all the stuff I crammed in there. I'm in love with these mesh pockets, too, because you can use them for things you want to have at your fingertips while you're traveling: those little things you don't want to lose, holders for your makeup that doesn't go in a 3-1-1 bag (then you don't have to bring a regular makeup bag) or you electronics and snacks, like I used them for. These might also be the perfect little pockets for underwear and socks or your three favorite apples. You decide. They are multipurpose!

Do you enjoy reading and other activities when you travel? So do I. The front and back Velcro pockets are really convenient for things you want to easily access when it's under your seat or under your desk. Only half the depth of the bag, you won't lose change you tossed in there from your coffee run or bigger things like your iPod or Sudoku book. I was able to get my netbook in one side - without actually securing it closed - but could use it fully for my Kindle and camera accessories that I seem to always lose in the bottom of a regular bag. It's perfect for getting through security though, because I can just whip my netbook out and toss it in the bin without having to open the rest of the bag. This might also be a good place to put your 3-1-1 bag for quickly getting through the line and making others jealous of your organizational and preparedness skills. Take that, lady with lace up knee boots and bag full of fancy lotions!

Afraid someone is going to try to steal your stuff while you're at the airport, grocery store, playground, gym or beach? The ingenious bag engineers at Travelon have installed this discreet carabiner clip. It just looks like any old clip, but you can clip your zippers to it and the bag can't be opened! That's not all though! The bag also offers slash-proof construction with wire mesh lining and wire lined shoulder straps. If you think this adds extra heft to the bag, you'd be wrong. The empty bag is crazy light, but built so ruggedly, you'll have it for decades (if you aren't in the habit of throwing it off cliffs or running it over with your car).

Have I convinced you yet? I mean, look at that pretty color! The one I have is in teal (and matches my fun Lucas floral print carry-on), but it also comes in all grey. Whether you’re going on an overnight trip, need a new gym bag, have a mobile office or just want a new personal-size carry-on bag that will last you forever, then this is a fantastic solution for you.
More information
Where you can buy it: Travelon online
How much it costs: $100.00
Colors it comes in: teal | grey
Other specs: Slash-proof shoulder strap and bag construction, nylon fabric that is easily wiped down if you spill on it, 21" x 11.5" x 8", lightweight design easily folds down flat.

Now you can win your own Travelon Anti-Theft React Weekender Bag!

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Disclosure: I was provided with the Travelon React Weekender for the purpose of this post, but all opinions are my own.


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