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Friday, September 14, 2012

Super Useful Travel Links 9.14.12

I’m counting down the days to my vacation to Anaheim (and Los Angeles, Carlsbad, Hollywood and Santa Monica). I’m squeezing everything in I’ve never done in the area and some stuff I want to do again. There will be a flurry of review and destination posts when I come back, too. In the meantime, I’ve been devouring all kinds of travel suggestions and news and figure I might learn a new trick along the way. Either way, I am passing on the most interesting to you today, so I hope any of this comes in handy! (Don’t forget, if you came across something fun, interesting or informative in the travel realm, please share in the comments!)

While I like to slow down and take my time with a city, there are times I want to see as much as possible in the few days I have. If this is you, then you might like Lonely Planet’s Europe in a Hurry guides online. Cram in London|Paris, Vienna|Bratislava, Helsinki|Tallinn, Dresden|Prague, Brussels|Amsterdam and Zurich|Vaduz. Maybe you hadn’t thought of some of these for a vacation, but it will change your mind. LP will tell you what to do on a whirlwind trip.

Photos of New York Public Library, New York City

This photo of New York Public Library is courtesy of TripAdvisor

New York is never a cheap trip. The hotel rates are high, the food costs a fortune and shopping and other entertainment can downright break your budget. Lonely Planet has also found you 40 FREE things to do in New York City, so you don’t max out your credit cards or sit in your hotel room all day after visiting the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. I’m really interested in going to Governor’s Island when I make it to the Big Apple, but there are 39 other equally remarkable things on the list.
Photo credit
Sadness! As if cruising wasn’t expensive enough (unless you are one of those lucky people who can book last-minute, save a ton and also able to get off work with no problem), there are more fees being applied to them. I guess they don’t want to be outdone by the airlines… Of course, if you didn’t know about all the hidden fees before, this will give you some highlights of the fees they have been tacking on for years.
There are so many travel myths, that it’s sometimes hard to know which is real and which is BS. And generally people are throwing out tips to you left and right to make your trip better or cheaper. Yes, I do this too, but my tips are based on facts! Gadling gives you 10 travel tips to ignore. If I don’t like something, I will tell you, but I won’t tell you not to go there unless it’s truly horrible. I like to do lots of things that are touristy or random, so obviously I don’t listen to those “experts” either.

Photos of Valle de la Luna, La Paz

This photo of Valle de la Luna is courtesy of TripAdvisor

So, in my quest to find amazing, yet affordable vacation destinations for you, I came across this article on Bolivia and why it should be on your travel wish list. South America is known for its money-saving destinations and Bolivia is no exception, plus it offers a whole lot more!

Who’s looking forward to another packing tutorial?!

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