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Friday, September 28, 2012

Super Useful Travel Links 9.28.12

Happy Friday! I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend or have a great vacation coming up to look forward to. In this week’s edition of Super Useful Travel Posts, I’ve found some interesting posts for you. From riding the rails to a very sleepy plane traveler, I tried to find something useful and interesting for everyone. As always, I hope you enjoy and also share anything, interesting, useful or fun that you found related to travel (in some way) in the comments.

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Ever heard of a travel trust fund? No? Well, then maybe you’d like to learn about them. The new thing in wills is giving the gift of travel when you pass on. If you’d like to ensure your children or other beneficiaries get to follow their dreams of traveling the globe, then this is the perfect way to do it.

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Our favorite budget travel spokesperson is back! That’s right, William Shatner has returned as the Priceline Negotiator. Due to popular demand from fans, Priceline decided to rehire Shatner after 7 months and bringing him back from the (supposed) dead. Admit it. You missed him. And if you haven’t seen his comeback commercial, you can view it on this link.

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If you’ve been thinking about going to Europe and debating how to get around between countries, then this post that gives you 7 tips for touring Europe by train may give you some help in how to do it and do it better than you expected.

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While I don’t think this would ever happen again, make sure if you’re truly tired that you set your alarm to wake you up…or maybe avoid taking any kind of sleeping pill. I have no idea how this woman slept for a straight 18 hours, but I bet she’s really relaxed now. After completing a roundtrip flight from Pakistan to Paris and never getting off, the airline has some explaining to do when it comes to why nobody noticed this sleeping woman on the plane when she was the only one still on it.

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United has been getting a lot of grief lately, and they didn’t even “accidentally” miss a sleeping lady on their plane. On top of all the incoming complaints for various other things, the airline seems to have misplaced a child traveling alone. This does tend to happen every now and again, but this is just more bad news heaped onto this not-so-loved airline that simply didn’t seem to care that they didn’t know where someone’s 10 year old daughter was. The worst part? The family had to find out from their daughter’s camp that she never showed up. I feel like this story has two morals: 1.) Don’t fly United. 2.) Don’t let your children fly alone if they don’t have to. It’s worth the extra money to know they are safe.

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Travelers are getting fed up with more airlines than just United though. They are finding more and more hassles associated with flying and are looking for alternative transportation. The winner in all this is Amtrak. With similarly priced or cheaper tickets, on-time trains, faster security, new electronic ticketing and readily available WiFi, passengers just find it more travel-friendly all around.

Often I’ve gone to a foreign country only to come back and realize I have a bunch of random coins or “dollars” in my pocket or the bottom of my purse. If this has happened to you and then you don’t know what to do with it, since exchanging it for your home currency is going to gain you practically zero, many airlines are now participating in a UNICEF program called Change For Good that takes your spare change and uses it towards useful projects around the world like tsunami and earthquake repair. 

What are your thoughts on this week's travel postings?

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