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Friday, November 9, 2012

Best of the Best Holiday Travel Giveaway

OMG! Can you believe this year is coming quickly to a close? Where did the time go? It seems like we were just ringing in 2012 and in just a few short weeks it’s going to be Thanksgiving. If you just read that and went “Eek! I haven’t even started my holiday shopping yet!” you probably aren’t alone. Lucky for you guys, I’m helping you to get a jump on your gift list by reviewing my best picks of the year. Not only that, but some of my favorite travel companies have been super generous in sponsoring this giveaway to give you a chance to win fabulous items for your own travels or to gift to a friend or family member who loves to travel.

he giveaway will go through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so you will be notified before your holiday dinner and save a few bucks if you win. If you don’t win, it will give you a chance to jump on any sales happening between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yep, I thought of everything for you! And we’re adding a new feature to our giveaway! Share the giveaway with your friends and get extra entries!
So, let’s look at some of the best travel goodies we’ve reviewed over the last 12 months:

Photo courtesy of CarryOn Free

CarryOn Free – If you like to pack light or you are a frequent Spirit Airlines traveler, CarryOn Free has developed a bag that fits the exact specifications of a free carry-on bag. You didn’t know you could bring a carry-on aboard Spirit for free, you say? You’re not alone. Spirit buries that info deep in their site. With this bag that fits under their unusually small seat space you won’t have to pay $30, $45 or that new $100 fee for a checked bag. You can get a ton of stuff in this bag with some strategic packing and there are new colors and patterns now! Check out my CarryOn Free post to see how I got more than two days’ worth of packing in it.
Photo courtesy of CityPASS Facebook page

CityPASS attraction cards – Everyone wants to do more on their vacation, but they don’t want to spend a ton and go broke in the process. CityPASS cards are super easy to use and allow you to do almost twice as much as you would get to do with the same budget. Skip the lines, keep your wallet in your pocket/purse and save time, too! Read my CityPASS review here. Win it! A pair of CityPASS cards in your choice of city (excluding Southern California).

Photo courtesy of Conair
Conair – Toting around all your hair care appliances can really throw a wrench in your packing light plans. Conair makes wonderful products that translate just as well when they mini-fy them for your travel bag. I’ve had a chance to test three of the MiniPRO appliances: 3-in-1 Ceramic Styler, Cordless Curling Iron and Ceramic Straightener. All worked as well or better than current full-size products I use (or have used) and took up only half the space in my carry-on bag. This is perfect when trying to make room for other necessities and still look my best on vacation. Want to know more? Read my Conair review here.  Win it! Two new items: the MiniPRO dryer and the MiniPRO Deep Wave Iron (so jealous!). 
Photo courtesy of Footzyrolls
Footzyrolls – Shoes take up a ton of space in a bag and you don’t always want to be wearing your clumpy walking shoes on the plane when you have such little personal space the way it is. Footzyrolls are easy to pack and perfect for travel. Keep your feet happy, and still look put together, with a pair of Footzyrolls folding flats. They come in so many styles and colors, plus fit in your pocket. Once on the plane, take off those shoes you wore to save valuable carry-on space and slip your feet into a pair of Footzyrolls. It’s like being barefoot, but looks and feels better. They are also great at your destination, because they go with darn near everything and are a dream after a long day of walking, too. Mine totally saved my aching feet on my last trip when I needed to go to the lobby, but looking at my shoes made me cringe. Why wouldn’t you buy a pair (or seven)? Read my Footzyrolls review here.

Photo courtesy of GoLite
GoLite – You know you’re going to probably be traveling between now and the end of the year and taking a ton of bulky sweaters and pants to keep warm is going to make your travel bag very full and very heavy. Earlier this year, I reviewed the reversible Cayambe dress. It’s great for on-the-go and can be dressed up or down. It’s easy to wear and stretches with you (in case you eat one too many pieces of pie). Right now, you can get it for 70% off at GoLite, as they are transitioning to a new fabric and colors for Spring. Score! If you’re looking for something more casual and winter-y, GoLite makes awesome sweater and pullovers. They are attractive and super comfy and warm. I need more! Learn more about the Cayambe dress and my other GoLite purchases here.
Photo courtesy of Magellan's
Magellan’s – Who hates packing dressy pieces, because they seem to bulk up and take up all the room in your bag where you want to put jeans and tee shirts? Yup, me too! But, it’s the holiday season and you need to look good, whether it’s Turkey Day at your in-laws or an out-of-town business meeting. Magellan’s has taken the guesswork out of what to wear with their Matte Jersey Collection. From the faux wrap dress to separates, the pieces are comfortable, flattering and work with other pieces in your wardrobe. Did I mention they are wrinkle-resistant, have convenient pockets and don’t take up much space in your bag? You’ll love them. Read my review of the wrap dress here and the separates here. What's even better is they are all on discount right now!

Revlon – Going on a tropical vacation this holiday season, or just love to get to those warmer climates where you might be swimming or exposed to humidity or excessive rain (hello Portland!)? The Revlon Ultrasonic Conditioning Ceramic Straightener should be on your list – or for someone who sounds just like that. My hair is not straight when I come out of the shower, pool, ocean or monsoon. As much as I would like to let it dry au naturale and have it look as good as it did before it got wet, it just ain’t happening. This straightener will take your hair from wet to dry and beautiful in minutes. You can also use it on dry hair or sad, unmanageable hair to give it some oomph. Find out how in my Revlon review.

Photo courtesy of Runnur
RUNNUR – Tired of lugging around a day bag with you when you are trying to do activities where you would like your hands free? I know I do. With RUNNUR, you can take everything with you without really carrying anything. It’s awesome because you wear it like a seatbelt and it holds everything. Need a place to put your keys? Check. Need somewhere to put money? Check. Don’t want to keep holding onto that water bottle? Check! For real. The stylish RUNNUR works for men and women and is awesome for active travelers, plus, it looks really cool and futuristic. Want to see all the stuff I crammed in mine? Of course you do! See the RUNNUR review here. Win it! Your choice of size and color RUNNUR mini backpack.

Skyroll – And here we are again with the challenge of packing good looking clothing without taking a full-blown suitcase that you will have to check and pay for. Skyroll makes it easy to pack a lot in a little space. It’s the perfect companion for cruisers and business travelers, but also a bag you’ll want to keep around for romantic weekends and when you have to go to your brother’s third wedding. It’s a garment bag that rolls around a cylinder, which also holds the rest of your necessities. (I saw a business man at the airport with one on a recent trip and almost chased him down to talk to him about it.) Ever tried to pack a prom dress or a bunch of suits in a carry-on? Well, now you can actually accomplish that! See how in my Skyroll review. Win it! Get your very own Skyroll carry-on garment bag…in black!

Smart Destinations – When I go on vacation, I’m happy to do as little as possible to achieve my sightseeing goals. Since I’ve spent so much time planning my trip, I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. That includes not having to pull out a wad of entry tickets or fishing around for correct change to pay for admissions. With Smart Destinations’ GoCards, you don’t have to. You have one card and it gets you into a ton of attractions by just letting the ticket-taker scan your card. It also saves you a ton of money. You can save up to 50% off. The more you use it, the more you save. See how I used mine in Los Angeles with my Smart Destinations review. Win it! A pair of 2-Day GoCards to San Diego.
Travelon Bags – Travelon has been a wonderful review partner over the last year. It’s no surprise that I love their bags and other products. They are well-made, look great and are made for both men and women to carry. Over the last 12 months I’ve reviewed the Anti-Theft React Weekender (which can hold almost a week’s worth of stuff!), the Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag (my husband’s new favorite accessory) and the RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet (also a favorite of Eric’s). Not only do these items all look awesome, but they have a high degree of safety. You’ll be a hero if you gift a Travelon product this holiday. Win it! An Anti-Theft React Small Messenger with slash-proof construction. (shown above)

I would not endorse these products once, let alone many times, if I didn’t fully believe in them. We’ll be talking more about travel gifts as the holidays get closer, but I urge you to take another look at the items I’ve reviewed, as they are high-quality products that would make a great addition to your travel bag or for that hard-to-please traveler on your list.
Enter below to win one of the 6 giveaway items/packages. Enter once to be eligible to win any of them. All you HAVE to do is “Like” Shereen Travels Cheap on Facebook to be qualified. We have a new addition this time, too. Share the giveaway on Facebook or on a friend’s wall (from the post on our Facebook page) and gain extra entries. It’s unlimited, so share as much as you want – you know how much is too much – to up your chances. Winners will be chosen on November 21st and notified on that day. You’ll have until the end of the 24th to respond to your congratulatory email with shipping info before a new name is drawn and your prize is given to them, so make sure you check your email in case you have won. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to those residing in the U.S. Good luck!

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