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Monday, November 5, 2012

Racing Through California Adventure 11.5.12

Happy Monday! On Saturday I took you through my first day of Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure. We missed out on the FASTPASS for Radiator Springs Racers and the line was never less than 2 hours long, so we decided to try again on Monday when it was sure to be less crowded - kids were back in school, after all, and it was Monday.

Monday was crazy! The lines were longer than I’d ever seen and we hadn’t even made it to the security tables yet. The woman who checked my bag said it was like a weekend in Summer. We got in a lengthy queue to get into California Adventure to see if we couldn’t get on the super popular Radiator Springs Racers. No luck with FASTPASS again. People were lined up to for 45 minutes to an hour just to get one, so we just decided that waiting in line was a better use of our time. 90 minutes, but met a nice family in line and chatted while we melted in the 90+ degree heat.

So, our plan was still a bust, but we came all the way to Anaheim to experience Cars Land, and we had two more days at the parks and another half of a day at the main park during the Halloween party. Two hours out of our day was not going to kill us and it gave us time to really look at everything there was along the line. Unfortunately, after that last picture was taken - by our new friend in line - we were also dying for cold water and ice cream and looked like we just came from Zumba class. You can see how sweaty Eric was already after being in line with hardly any shade for just half an hour. By the time we were at the front, I felt like having another shower and burning my clothes.

There is plenty to see while you wait in the unreasonably long line. The whole beginning of Radiator Springs is there! See the Spring that started it all and amazing advertising for the town and Stanley’s Radiator Caps. You pass through the bottle shack made of recycled oil bottles. It’s pretty cool! Once you make it to the ride, you finally see why the line is SO LONG. For those of you who have been to Epcot and ridden on Test Track, it’s like that, but so much better! 

You ride through Radiator Springs and say hello to some of your favorite Cars characters, then you screech down the mountain and fly through Radiator Springs’ landscape, racing the car next to you. Maybe you’ll win, but even if you don’t, you’re still going to have a ton of fun! Cross the finish line and roll through the famous Carburetor Caverns where you are finally congratulated by Lightning McQueen and Mater. You’ll wish you could go again! And then you see the line and wander off to buy yourself a tire hat at Sarge’s.

On our last day at Disney, we went back over to California Adventure to check out the concept art for Cars Land at Blue Sky Cellars. There were miniatures of the Land, the cars, the artwork, the rides and Radiator Springs historical items, including Stanley’s first radiator cap sales stand. My favorite part of the display was a viewing of one of Mater’s Tall Tales that I had never seen before (and probably was made specifically for the exhibit) where you learn both how Radiator Springs was founded and how Stanley met Lizzie. Unfortunately, Stanley has passed on, but Lizzie talks to her beloved’s statue every day. True love!

What was your favorite part of Cars Land or what do you look forward to most when you finally visit?

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