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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Domeo Grip Mini Folio

I hate when I gave to go back and amend a great review, but Domeo has proved to me to have less-than-great customer service, so if you do choose to order from them, please be aware that this might be the case.

This past Christmas many of you probably had a certain electronic gadget on your wish list. I’m talking, of course, about the iPad mini. While some of you may not have the iPad yet, I can tell you, we received both the original size and the mini as gifts over the years and I much prefer the size of the mini. The only problem? It’s super thin and, though it’s pretty rugged, that screen needs some protection, especially if you plan to travel with it. Of course, this is our plan and I’m enjoying its versatility so far. If you also received a mini over the holidays (or just bought one on your own) and are still looking for a useful cover for it, I have found a great one for you from Domeo Products.

The Grip Mini Folio was made for the person who wants to go everywhere with their iPad mini. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, comes in pretty colors and has a built-in stand. You’re gonna love it and I’ll show you why!

The mini has a ton of functions and the Grip Folio caters to all of them. Unlike your full-size iPad, you won’t look dumb carrying it around everywhere or even using it to take pictures, since it’s a more reasonable size. While on vacation, you can use it to find directions, make dinner reservations, keep up with your travel journal, read the great American novel (or write it!) and talk to friends and family back home on Facetime. If you’re using it on the go, then the strap built into the inside cover will keep you from getting all clumsy with your iPad and dropping it on the floor. It’s very secure, but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable. It’s also nice that it’s not on the outside, so it’s not going to get snagged on anything in your carry-on or day bag. It makes it really easy to use as an e-reader or surf the interwebs for long periods of time.

Using your mini to take photos and videos? Keep it in the case! Yup, that’s right. There is a convenient cut-out in the back for just that purpose. Your mini fits snugly into the case, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around and ending up with pictures that are half cut-off. Nothing like a less-than-optimal product to ruin your vacation memories, right? You totally won’t get that with this. Your front camera is free of obscurities, too. And when your Folio is closed the elastic strap covers the camera lens on the back, keeping it safe from getting scratched and ruining your expensive device.

When the Folio is open, you can use the attached elastic strap to keep it open and secure, especially when using the hand strap to view it. It’s fantastic and works better than expected. I shook it all around to make sure it wouldn’t come undone, even when only partially on the outer edge – to keep it from obscuring the screen. It didn’t move at all, the mini didn’t fall out, my hand never slipped in the hand strap and I realized this is a fantastic cover for everyone. If you are prone to dropping things or plan to let your little ones use your mini to entertain them, this cover was made for you.

Flip the cover back and you can use the grooves in the cover to angle your mini and use it to watch videos and play games hands-free You just insert the edge of the cover into the slot in the back of the cover and you can use it with a sharp or slight angle, depending on how you place it on the table. You can also use this to have a better grip on your mini if you have larger hands, too.

While this cover is one of the more lightweight ones I’ve seen, it is definitely just as sturdy as other thicker ones, but takes up less room and is an animal-friendly fabric that is stain-resistant. Now you probably wonder what can make this mini cover any better. There are two things: It comes in four attractive color combos and you have a chance to win your own Domeo Grip Mini Folio! If you’re dying to get your hands on one right now, save a whopping 20% off your order and get free shipping when you use code STC.

More information
Where you can buy it: Domeo Products online
How much it costs: $29.99
Colors it comes in: blue/gray, brown/orange, gray/light gray, purple/blue
Other specs: Soft inside with stain-resistant outside.

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Now, enter to win your own! (I'm sorry, but this giveaway is only open to shipping addresses in the U.S.)

Disclosure: I was provided a Grip Mini Folio for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. i love the mini and i really need a case. I like how it stand up

  2. I like the stand feature, so I can use it for typing too.

  3. I like how the Domeo can be configured in different positions.

  4. Lightweight & smaller size to carry around in my handbag,

  5. the color options as well as the different positions it can be used

  6. the color combos and the different positions


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