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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Travel Goals and Resolutions of 2013

Happy 2013! The first week has officially passed us by and it’s time to talk about travel resolutions for the year. I see everyone adding to their “bucket list”, but I like to have short-term goals of 2-3 years, so they seem more easily attainable. Last year we went on some great trips and saved a lot of money on the way. While we planned to take our big vacation to Europe, it didn’t happen. The new hefty taxes and fees for travelers out of the UK were a surprise to us, but our back-up plan was a huge success and we now know what needs to happen this year to budget for London and Paris.

In addition to our goal of making it back to Europe, I also have blogging goals for the year where I can write (by blog and freelance) my way to working for myself. It’s hard to fit in a ton of extra work on top of my regular 40-hour-a-week gig, but I really feel like I can do it and have set objectives for myself to take me to part-time to full-time work-at-home-r.

I write for this ezine now!

2013 Goals
This year many of my goals are personal, but they are still travel-oriented in some respect. I’ve made big strides in gaining freelancing jobs in 2012 and secured at least three ongoing writing jobs – some of them even paying ones! – and one as a social media manager for a friend who owns a small business. I view these as a jumping-off point to getting bigger and better jobs that will help me achieve my work-at-home goals.

  • I would love to have a byline in a magazine or newspaper, so that will be my goal to reach by the end of the year. In the coming months I’ll be working on and sending queries to some of my favorite publications.
  • Advertise my writing skills more in order to gain higher-profile jobs – by June I would like to make half the income I make at my regular job from freelance gigs and my blog.
  • Have my airfare to London and Paris bought and paid for by the end of Summer. While we have enough BA miles for two roundtrip flights, we still have to come up with the taxes and fees.
  • Second edition! It’s true. Book edits are in the works and an updated edition of my book is a goal to accomplish this year.

2013 Travel Resolutions
  • This year I will attempt to learn more about SEO, in order to up my blog stats in all ways.
  • Be more social. Twitter has never been my strong area in being social, but this year I will spend more time reaching out to peers and followers on social media.
  • I resolve to continue to work on my light packing skills. My carry-on on my last trip was packed almost perfectly. There were only two things I didn’t wear. Mostly, I would like to be a better souvenir shopper (which is generally Christmas gift shopping), so when I come back home I don’t have a big heavy extra bag. Obviously, this is a “we” issue and not just an “I” issue, so Eric and I can work on this one together.
  • I will go somewhere I’ve never gone before this year.
  • I will talk to more strangers on my trips.
  • It’s always good to do something that scares you when you travel. I have yet to decide what it/they will be, but I will do at least one thing that I’m not completely comfortable with. Last year I went snorkeling, which would not have been so impressive the second time if the first time didn’t find me hyperventilating and holding onto my husband’s life vest while he dragged me back to the boat.
  • I love food! I am looking forward to trying new foods this year, wherever we go.
  • Using My French Coach game and Pimsleur, I will learn enough French to get by on my trip to Paris.

Yes, these seem like a lot of goals and resolutions, but I am really feeling that 2013 will be an even better year than 2012. I aim to work crazy hard in order to achieve as many as possible. What are YOUR travel resolutions/goals for the year?

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