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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Infographic: Free Hotel Wi-Fi Expanding

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As a blogger, and an internet junkie, it is imperative that wherever I stay has Wi-Fi. It's great to be able to check my email to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as to research when attractions are open or find reviews of a restaurant (and make reservations). I get really upset when I pay good money to stay somewhere and they also want me to pay extra for an internet connection. It's not like if I didn't stay there and pay that money they wouldn't have internet. And how much can I really use anyway? Building it into the room rate should be something all accommodations do. I'm not going to pay $10+ per day to check my Facebook page. I could easily go to a Starbucks and get online for free. Also, if places like Ramada, Motel 6 and Travelodge can offer free Wi-Fi, then other chains (and boutique hotels) have no excuse. Hotel Chatter made this sweet infographic for hotel WiFi. Do you compare other similar hotels when Wi-Fi isn't included in your first choice?

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