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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Bluff Works Travel Pants for Men

Packing isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when you are trying to get everything you need into a carry-on. Add into the mix a variety of activities on your trip and it can be hard to figure out how all the clothes you need to bring can mix and match. Well, for guys, Bluff Works has the item of clothing that can save you some serious space and help you pack more quickly and with less stress. They make travel pants great for work and play.

Women have their little black dress that can take them from sightseeing to fancy dinners and now men have Bluff Works that do the same thing. These great-looking pants are breathable, wrinkle resistant and have a flattering flat front. Eric was thrilled to try these pants out, because he loves a multi-purpose piece. He also almost exclusively wears dress pants, even when not going to work. He just isn’t a jeans guy, which is tough when he needs to do yard work or something equally physical. With this in mind, we picked a variety of situations to test these pants out in.

When the Bluff Works package arrived and I opened it, I was impressed that they came as you would pack them in your suitcase: rolled up. Next, we loved that they are made with breathable and lightweight polyester, but the weave makes it feel silky and look like linen. The pockets aren’t slash pockets like in many dress pants, so they don’t bulge out awkwardly, but fit flat against the body, even with a wallet and cell phone in them. The back pockets are also attractive and the backside of the pants have a flattering cut and don’t ride up too high or down too low, which means they also don’t sag!

As you can see, these pants look great with a dress shirt and also a polo shirt. They are going be the most amazing piece of clothing for travel, because they stretch enough to let the wearer have enough range to go hiking, biking or tromping through the forest, but also sharp enough to wear sightseeing, a business meeting or the theater. In fact, Eric wore them out to brunch, to the movies and then immediately came home and started digging in the dirt for a new raised bed he was putting in for me. After the whole day, they were still wrinkle-free, still smelled good and really looked as if he had just put them on.

What I liked most about this brand is that they say that they are so sturdy that you could wear them every day for a year and they won’t fray. Not only that, but if they don’t work out – for any reason – they will take them back. No questions asked. With a promise like that, how can you go wrong? With a man who is as hard on his clothes as mine is, that’s a pretty important feature in any purchase. And since they are quick drying and moisture-wicking, you can get by on vacation with just two pair and a variety of shirts, because they look good with just about everything. Now, if only they can make these in shorts, because we’d be adding those to our travel bag as well.

I love that Bluffs started with a dream of the ultimate pair of pants and it was achieved through hard work and a Kickstarter campaign. We’re so happy that Stefan Loble’s dream came true and he was able to bring us an amazing product that is going to be a fantastic addition to any man’s travel wardrobe. Look put together whether taking your girl out dancing or paddling around in a canoe. They are truly versatile and you’ll be glad you took a chance on them. You probably didn’t know that Stefan’s dream pants were yours, too!

Eric's size: Eric is 5' 10" and is wearing Khaki Bluffs in 42/30.
More information
Where you can buy them: BluffWorks online
Other colors they come inbrown, grey, dark grey
How much they cost$80
Fabricspecially-woven polyester 

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Disclaimer: We were provided with a pair of Bluffs for the purpose of this review, but all options are my own and Eric's.


  1. I just ordered a pair for my husband, but Khaki and light grey were sold out. I'll need to wait awhile, I guess, since everyone reading this post before me most likely ordered those for summer.

    1. All the colors are nice though. I think your husband will love them.


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