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Saturday, May 25, 2013

London's HMS Belfast: Life Aboard a Real Warship

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If you’re like me, you often wonder what it’s like inside those big ships you see on the river. What do the kitchens look like? Where do crewmen sleep? What do they do for fun…if they have any onboard entertainment? Well, you can learn about all these things and more if you take a trip aboard the HMS Belfast on the Thames. See the ins and outs of crew life and hear about incredible stories of those that served its nine decks. It’s not often you get a chance to climb aboard a real warship. Though no longer in active service, the ship is an amazing piece of history and is the last remaining vessel of its kind.

Each tour admission includes an audio guide to help you navigate through the ship and learn everything you can, from how it was to eat in the mess hall to what it was like working in the engine room. There are recreations in every part of the ship, so you can see what it was really like. It is one of the most unique experiences you can find along the Thames.

A trip aboard the HMS Belfast comes complete with access to the Walrus Café and the gift shop, where you can find everything you could possibly want to remember your tour, including books, CDs, clothing, toys and souvenirs. You could easily spend several hours on the ship, listening to commentary, speaking to the crew on board, and enjoying seeing things like the chapel, the library and the medic facilities. I was truly fascinated by it all and we even caught a rare glimpse of Tower Bridge rising for a passing ship. Entry fees are very affordable at £14.00 for adults 16 and over. Under 16 are free when accompanied by an adult. 

Have you ever explored a warship?

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