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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gay Days at the Happiest Place on Earth

I can count the number of people I've met on one hand who don't squeal in delight over a potential trip to Disneyland. I'll tell you right now, I don't want to know what their idea of a fun trip is if dancing princesses, parades and awesome rides aren't exciting to them in the least. I can get not wanting to be around a million kids all day, but when it comes to the magic of Disney, I don't understand how you can't get swept up in it all and become a big kid yourself. In short, how can you pass it up?

I finally got my Dole Whip
We had the chance to visit Disney last fall at the same time as a fantastic group of people and it made our trip even more special. Gay Days at Disneyland happens every year and though it's an unofficial event, it officially happens annually. The group has planners that pick a long weekend for their festivities and they are all on the same itinerary. This means, wherever you see a big group of red-shirted people you head to another part of the park, since there won't be a line there. How do I know all this? I spent 40 minutes in the Dole Whip line with a nice woman who used to work on the planning committee and we chatted all about it. 

I wish I had gotten a better photo of the Sailing Ship Columbia packed to the gills with gay men and women wearing red shirts for this year's trip or other ones they've been on. I especially enjoyed the whimsical way several of the bald men were sporting those tiny mouse ears. Even though Gay Days is not "official" the day had a different vibe than other times we've visited - and I liked it. I only wish I knew the dress code, because I would have worn a red shirt in support, too. If you're interested in attending Disneyland for this year's Gay Days, they start on October 4th and you can find the schedule here. Here are some pics of our day at the park with these fun mouse-loving travelers.

These guys were so cute. Obviously their signs are for other park visitors.

Have you ever seen any part of the park so empty?

Everyone seemed to move in a pack, like here

And some went off-program to also avoid the crowds

Everyone loves a parade
Have you ever been to an "unofficial" event by chance? What was it?

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