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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Heart You, Boston

This week has been a hard one for the fine people of Boston, as well as all the visitors who were running in or supporting the marathon. Bad things happen and we can only hope they get resolved and move on. I am sending good thoughts for the victims and their families and decided we should honor them and their city with a post on fun things to do in their fair city.

Photos of Fenway Park, Boston
This photo of Fenway Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Boston, Massachusetts is an overlooked seaside destination. It is chock full of restaurants serving clam chowdah, historical buildings and museums, but it also is home to Fenway Park, an awesome aquarium and the famous Cheers bar. 

Photos of New England Aquarium, Boston
This photo of New England Aquarium is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Save money on sightseeing with the Boston CityPASS. Valid for 9 days from first use and covers the top 5 Boston attractions for just $51 per person (adult). See the best of Boston with your pass and have plenty of time to do it in. There’s something for everyone and you save almost half off admission prices!
  • New England Aquarium        
  • Museum of Science 
  • Skywalk Observatory 
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History OR The Old State House
Photos of Samuel Adams Brewery, Boston
This photo of Samuel Adams Brewery is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Like beer? Take the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour. At just a suggested donation of $2 per person, it's likely the most affordable tour you'll ever go on. Not only can you taste test some delicious brew, but you can watch the process of making beer from start to finish. Also awesome? Sam Adams doesn’t even need your money to run these tours, so your donation goes to local charities. You get to do something good and drink free beer! Arrive early, especially on Saturdays, because tours can fill up quickly.

If you didn’t rent a cah to pahk in Hahvad Yahd, you can take the T around town. That’s their subway system. It’s easy to use and even easier by using Urban Rail, which has printable maps and helpful tips and ways to use the rail system to get around. And when you aren’t in Boston, you can use it all over the world for public transport maps. Did I mention it’s free? 

Be your own tour guide with Stray Boots' treasure hunt tour games. Through clues and fun facts, you can see the city from a unique perspective. This is the perfect way to go on a tour without all the structure and it’s great for kids and adults alike. Each tour can last two to three hours, even more if you choose to spend more time at any of the stops along the way.

Photos of The Midtown Hotel, Boston
This photo of The Midtown Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you need help finding a great vacation deal to Boston, then BookIt has you covered. Save even more with their 99-hour sale that ends on Friday at midnight (EST). Hotels have lower rates and may even include free activities and other extras and bonuses. Who doesn't want a sweet deal made even sweeter with things like free Wi-Fi and breakfast. So much extra savings!

What do you like most about Boston (or look forward to seeing the most when you visit)? 

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