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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your Starter Travel Wardrobe

When you go on vacation, packing is often a step that people hate. I just think of it as a possibility to come up with a basic wardrobe that will get me through most any situation. You don't have to pack for Armageddon and bring everything you own with you. Think of it as packing as few necessities as possible, because you will also have to carry that closet with you. Now, you know I don't like to waste money, so my choices have to fit in a carry-on and any personal item sized bag I take with me. My rule is generally that all my clothes, accessories and no-liquid toiletries go into the carry-on and my electronics, snacks and 3-1-1 bag go in the smaller bag. Using this technique, my husband and I almost always get away with just two bags between the two of us. It's compact, it's easy to transport and we have everything we need. Since most people don't know where to start in packing a mostly-inclusive carry-on wardrobe, I have come up with a starting point for men and women. 


Starter travel wardrobe

You don't need to take every 50 outfits to look great every day. Instead, pack this:

  • Tank tops (2 or 3) which are perfect for layering or wearing alone.
  • A good pair of jeans with stretch in them, like these from James Jeans.
  • A nice pair of black pants. They don't show stains and can be dressed up for going out. I choose a pair of black James Jeans, because they can be casual or more formal and they are comfortable.
  • Comfortable tee shirts (again, 2 or 3). These can go with everything and also layered.
  • A cardigan or blazer. This can dress up an outfit or be used for layering and warmth.
  • A fleece or warm jacket.
  • Shorts. If you will be going to a warm climate, then 2 or 3 pair will work. If you're not, skip them.
  • A comfortable black dress. You should always have an LBD on hand, unless you're going hiking for 2 weeks. A travel wrap dress can be worn during the day or out to dinner.
  • Ballet flats. I know you want to wear your good heels when you go out, but a nice pair of flats will go with everything you packed and out dancing.
  • Walking or running shoes. Chances are you'll be doing a lot of walking on your trip. don't regret your choice in footwear by day 2.
  • Jewelry. This is not the time to break out your diamonds and other jewels. Pack a few statement pieces that can dress up your Plain Jane tanks and add a bit of luxe to to your dress.
Men's Starter Travel Wardrobe

Men have it easier when it comes to packing, and unlike women, they tend to wear 90% of what they bring, as opposed to only 20% women wear when they pack everything they want. It's nicer to pack more than just 2 pair of underwear and a tee though, so here's what should be in your carry-on.

  • A good pair of jeans with stretch. You wear them at home, so bring them with you on vacation and you'll always be comfortable.
  • Khakis. You can dress these up or down, so they work for checking out the Louvre, going to a Michelin-Starred restaurant, kicking back at the local pub or taking a walking tour of the city.
  • Tee shirts. If these are what you love wearing, grab 2 or 3 to toss in your bag. They are easy to pack and go with both pants.
  • Shorts. if your destination is somewhere warm, 2 or 3 pair will do you good. Make sure they are neutral colors or, if they aren't, will go with the shirts you bring.
  • A nice button-up dress shirt. You only need one, no matter how many times you're taking your lady out, because you probably aren't going to be seeing the same people and you are going to use the next item to mix it up.
  • Ties! These are the necklaces of the guy world. They take up little room and make a big statement. Bring at least 2 for a variety and you won't be sorry...unless you're going camping, in which case, it's not necessary.
  • A blazer. Can be used as an extra layer for chilly days or for a jacket at a nice restaurant or the theater. 
  • Walking or running shoes. Keep your feet happy with a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Dress shoes. Obviously you can't wear trainers everywhere, but you can find loafers and other dress-like shoes that are also good for walking. Just look for them.
  • A hoodie, fleece or mid-weight jacket, because you never know when the temperatures might dip.
What I've left off this list, but always say there is room for, are flip flops. Always keep a pair in your carry-on, because they are nice for going to the lobby for continental breakfast, schlepping your laundry to the washing machines and also going to the pool or beach. They are a given and I suggest buying a pair that you just keep in your bag, so they are never forgotten. Trust me, I've learned that the hard way.

What are your must-have items on your trips?

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