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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Infographic: Who Packs Better - Men or Women?

I'm always fascinated by the differences in packing strategies by different people. One of the biggest packing differences are between men and women. I travel enough to have stopped trying to take half my closet and 22 pairs of shoes. I have realized I don't need that much variety, especially since I rarely would use that much I brought. Even packing just about the bare minimum now, I find I don't wear all of it. If you look at your patterns, you may find you're the same, or you're a guy that could use a little more variety, because you actually pack less than necessary. You probably don't need a tuxedo on your trip, but is is possible that a sports jacket would help you out in some situations? 
The Art of Holiday Packing

You can view my tips on how to pack for a weekend getaway and for a week or more, both in a carry-on. It's doable and my husband and I usually pack all our stuff together, so if you think it can't be done for just one person, think again. You always want to start with a packing list. Trust me. It's a necessity to ensure you pack everything you need, but don't pack a bunch you don't. Hint: don't tick stuff off until you've actually packed it in your bag.

What's the most important thing you've forgotten to pack on a trip? Ours was socks and our iPod charger. We were never able to find socks on the cruise or any ports and, oddly, no electronics place in Ecuador had an iPod adapter, but the awesome head cook at the hotel restaurant was nice enough to loan us his charger.

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